Jerr-Dan New Multi-Car Carrier

Jerr-Dan’s current multi-car carrier – which was built on a 7.5-ton single/tandem axle subframe – is being replaced by an 8.5-ton frame. This makes Jerr-Dan the first in the industry to offer a low profile (XLP) three-car carrier with a fourth car option on this level of frame capacity.

Mounting the three-car carrier to a larger subframe offers additional benefits, such as:

  • Reducing the carrier deck off the top of the frame height by two inches
  • Lowering the center of gravity of the load for more stability
  • Providing an additional one-ton structural capacity
  • Reducing the main deck height to allow for transport of taller loads, making navigation under bridges and through tunnels more efficient
  • Delivering easier access to the lower deck for tasks such as securing tie-downs


“Our new multi-car carrier delivers a more innovative product at the same investment level as our original design,” said Mike VanAken, director of product management and marketing at Jerr-Dan. “This new carrier has the high-quality features of our 7.5-ton carrier including an optional wheel lift system that can transport up to four cars.”

Jerr-Dan’s new multi-car carrier is backed by its 1/3/5 XLP product warranty, which includes one-year full coverage, three-year hydraulic coverage and five-year structural coverage.

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