Junk Car Buyer Academy USA, become a skilled Automotive Recycler

We are Junk Car Buyer Academy USA! The first auto recycling training company dedicated to educating people about the automobile recycling and metals industry.

One of the most valuable products that businesses and consumers recycle today is scrap metal. If you think about all the products you use in your home, from small items like clothing hangers to large appliances, we all utilize items throughout our day that consist of metals that can be recycled. One of the most recycled items in the United States are automobiles, aka junk cars. Every year millions and millions of cars reach the end of their life span and generate over $30 billion in revenue. These automobiles do not just show up at the doorsteps of recycling companies. Junk Car Buyers bring them.

We specialize in teaching individuals how to create and maintain a successful Junk Car business. In this 5-module course, students will be introduced to important terminology and how to create, market, and maximize revenue with zero to little startup cost. The significant part about this course is that we offer an online platform that provides 24/7 access to the curriculum, instructional videos, and many other tools and resources. The courses are easy to understand and developed for all educational backgrounds.

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