Lift and Tow

The Hidden Wheel Lift

Lift and Tow wheel lift units are built right here in the USA. From the first 3 Series unit that rolled out of the shop in 1999, to the Z Series we are building today, we demand the highest quality workmanship one comes to except for the towing industry. Lift and has become the “small” company in a “Large Towing Industry”.

We welcome competition. Nearly every day we answer the phone where people are shopping. After carefully comparing prices & quality, about 90% call back and order. We find that’s not the “salesmanship” that made them return, it is the quality of the product. Our units are user friendly, installation as well as use. As a matter fact, last week a customer up graded to the Z Series from a unit he has used for ten years. What a testament that is!

Lift and Tow not only prides itself on quality, but availability also. Most times, order a unit today and it will ship tomorrow. We build our units in house, from the main frames to the “T” bars, everything except the hydraulics. We make our own hoses; block mounts, wiring harness, and track trays. If a customer needs a part, it’s on the shelf. And, during business hours, the phone doesn’t ring more than three times.

Last but not least, you can pay with a company check, bank transfer, or any major credit card. We are here to serve our customers in the towing industry, period.