Location Based Services: Smarter, Better, Easier

By Dave Sunkenberg, VP Network Services, Agero
Location Based Services are dramatically changing the way consumers conduct their day-to-day activities. From shopping to fraud alerts, GPS enabled smartphones and apps are driving behavior in new and exciting ways. The impact of Location Based Services on the towing industry is just as impressive from dispatch to automatic invoicing.

With over 70% of tow professionals carrying smart phones – and with 40% of tow vehicles equipped with a GPS system of some sort – Location Based Services are already providing new everyday efficiencies to a growing number of tow companies.

Increasingly, Location Based Services for the towing industry go way beyond dispatch and fleet tracking to use live location data in new ways, allowing tow businesses to take advantage of real-time visibility, accountability, ease, and efficiency not even imagined 10 years ago. Service Providers can now benefit from seamless and more efficient working relationships with motor clubs, improved driver and vehicle monitoring, more accurate mileage records, significant billing efficiencies, a decrease in duplicated messaging and documentation, and improved customer satisfaction scores.

That’s why Agero is committed to making the transition to Location Based Services as easy as possible for service providers. Coming this fall, our location-based services product – Roadside ConnectTM – will enable dispatchers to assign trucks to events based on current location and availability – even when out-of-territory. These more accurate, efficient and timely dispatch assignments will result in decreased fuel use, reduced completion times, and increased fleet availability and profitability.

It’s also why we’re continually integrating with other location-based service platforms. In fact, we recently announced that Progressive Platforms’ GPS tracking and management software – which offers a wide variety of efficiency, customer service, and fleet utilization benefits – is now fully integrated with Agero. To date, we’ve achieved some level of integration with half a dozen other major industry platforms.

With service providers, motorists, and motor clubs embracing a growing range of exciting Location Based Services, the complete integration of these promising apps, tools, mobile solutions, and platforms is clearly the road to the future.


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