New Product Releases Help Propel Steck’s Product Lines

Steck Big Easy in use
Steck Big Easy in use
Steck Big Easy in use
Steck Big Easy in use
Steck - Innovative Autobody Tools and Equipment
Steck – Innovative Autobody Tools and Equipment

New product ideas are the keys to growth in today’s global market. Steck Manufacturing embraces ideas from its tool users. According to John Brill, President, “new ideas are the life blood of our company”. Steck will evaluate each tool and work with the inventor to protect the idea as well as pay a royalty to the inventor based on the net sales of the tool. Last year it was the Axle Popper (71410) which provides even pressure to break loose half shafts from the transaxle on front wheel drive cars and Air Tool Oiler (16600) with its adjustable oil nozzle allows technicians to easily and conveniently oil their air tool after each use.

While Steck’s focus is on auto body repair business where they develop and sell body shop specialty repair tools they also provide products to the Towing industry, their BigEasy Lockout tool kits (32900 and 32955) allows technicians to unlock cars without damaging the car door. Their most recent announcement, 4th Wheel Loader (71480) allows Tow Truck drivers to safely load and secure a vehicle with broken ball joints, lost wheels or locked wheels on their roll back wreckers. Also will allow mechanics and body technicians to steer the vehicle over unlevel surfaces as well as gravel and dirt into the shop and guide it to lifts or frame racks for repair.

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