We’re excited to introduce a revolutionary new tool for the towing industry. GUNIWHEEL™ is the world’s first universal fitting vehicle-mounting system in a tire and wheel design. With GUNIWHEEL™, you can safely mount and move any vehicle that has damaged or missing wheels and tires. GUNIWHEEL™ is a simple solution with no moving parts. It is a solid steel wheel with an airless polyurethane rubber exterior. It’s patented universal fitting lug-pattern system easily mounts on all current passenger vehicles thereby reducing the need to carry multiple spare tires or “donuts” to move vehicles onto tow trucks and trailers. Weighing in at 34 lbs. and a 24.5” D x 3” W, GUNIWHEEL™ is a compact solution to keep inside your towing compartment or neatly stacked on your tow bed. Each GUNIWHEEL™ can hold up to 2,500 lbs. and is strong enough to install on all four hub-wheel hub locations. They have a max speed of 5 mph and are primarily used to move vehicles onto lifts or tow beds. GUNIWHEEL™ comes in two versions: GUNIWHEEL™ 45 for 4 & 5 lug pattern vehicles, and GUNIWHEEL™ 56 for trucks and larger SUVs.  At GUNIWHEEL™, we say, “No Wheels? NO PROBLEM!”

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