MatJack Landing cushions

MatJack introduced Landing cushions in 2005 and are the standard in the industry by which all others are held. Capable of controlling any and all loads up to 80,000 per cushion MatJack Landing cushions have helped with thousands of uprights from tractor-trailers to excavators to mobile homes without fail, call us for details.







MatJack has introduced 3M’s Peltor brand headsets.

MatJack has introduced into the towing market 3M’s Peltor brand headsets which link up by simply turning them on and being on the same channel with an unlimited amount of users at any one time in either basic or Bluetooth! With over a 1-mile range and no line of sight necessary, this affordable system comes in several styles, contact us for details.






Hurricane Jumbo cushion sets.


Hurricane Jumbo cushion sets- MatJack, the worldwide leader in air cushion technology in its never-ending quest to answer the needs of our customers have developed the Hurricane Jumbo system. The ever-dependable Jumbo is now capable of uprighting an overturned tractor/trailer in as little as 5 minutes. You need to clear the road quickly and want to use your cushions, this is your solution. Call us for details.





MatJack has always been at the forefront of technology and safety in the industry. Adding to that is our new line of PMI Advantage helmets which sets the standard in the fire service for rescue and confined space along with being NFPA certified. PMI Advantage helmets are lightweight and come in 6 colors, call us for details.




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