Ranger SST Driver Commissions – Supercharged

Ranger has launched advanced capabilities to make it easier to customize driver commissions – including automatic calculation and reporting. The flexibility in the new design structure includes:

  • Commissions by “Job” (work completed), and by “Driver” – adders specific to one or more drivers (e.g., skills, tenure)
  • Options for percentage and fixed dollar amount Job commissions
  • Differentiation of rate structures (percentages and set amounts) by shift by day of the week (e.g., a higher commission for weekends, and/or the  second shift on Sunday)
  • Customization for individual Extras – using percentages (e.g., lower rate for safety flares),  or using a set dollar amount (batteries at $20 regardless of battery cost), and exclusions (e.g., tolls, permits)

Ranger SST – advanced technology for superior performance

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