The all new Zacklift EZTOW is heading out the doors!

With the EZTOW’s now shipping, Zacklift continues to focus on affordability and performance-based fleet management products. The EZTOW is a totally self-contained money saving solution that’s primary focus is emergency fleet recovery. While the Zacklift EZTOW’s focus is getting the job done on a budget, that does not mean the EZTOW is not packed with tons of features that translate not only into saving money and frustration but also ease of use and overall performance when on the job. The EZTOW’s self-contained 12V Bucher Hydraulic Pump system stays ready to go to work with the standard onboard Solar Battery Tender trickle charge system. A wireless LED lightbar keeps job visibility in mind while the optional wireless remote is a practical and useful upgrade. The optional 8 or 10K warn winch add another dimension many specific recovery situations and a pintle ball hitch is also available for normal towing when needed.

All these features, sit nicely waiting to work for you and save money on an included EZLOAD stand, meaning this unit can be loaded and unloaded with NO FORKLIFT REQUIRED.

The Zacklift EZTOW is a fleet work horse that will continue to get the job done and save you money for years to come. With easy financing options available, give Zacklift a call today!

Zacklift has several other products in the pipeline, with our next big announcement coming later this year!

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