The Tru-Hitch™ Fifth Wheel Towing and Recovery Device solves this problem!

Drivers are responsible for overloads! Heavy duty towing is a huge responsibility for the operator, the equipment owner and the manufacturer who certifies the tow truck to a safe and attainable GCW (gross combination weight).  The operator relies on the axle ratings provided on the certification label to prevent unsafe overloading.  The label is affixed to the driver side door jamb of every truck.

It is the operator’s responsibility to know the axle weights and tare weight of the tow truck in order to accurately estimate what the loaded (gross) weight will be when the towed vehicle is hooked up and lifted for transport.  The certification label on the towed vehicle can help in estimating its axle weights.

The percentage of lifted weight of the towed vehicle transferred from the front axle of the tow truck to the rear axle of the tow truck can easily be calculated.  Divide the distance from the center of the rear axle set to the rear lift point on the under lift by the distance from the front axle to the center of the rear axle set (wheel base set).   

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