TowMate® Unveils the TM36M18 Wireless Light Bar

TowMate, TM36M18

Pioneering Roadside Safety with Milwaukee M18 Battery Integration

Rogers, Arkansas – TowMate®, a trailblazer in LED lighting solutions for automotive safety, proudly announces the launch of its groundbreaking product: the TM36M18 Wireless Light Bar. This cutting-edge product integrates with the Milwaukee M18 battery system, showcasing TowMate’s unwavering commitment to innovation and functionality.

The TM36M18 stands out in the world of wireless tow light solutions, providing users with a seamless blend of trusted TowMate performance alongside the convenience of Milwaukee’s widely adopted M18 battery system. This strategic integration allows users to forgo the need for specialized batteries, tapping into the power of a battery many already possess.

Product Highlights:

  • Milwaukee M18 Battery Compatibility: A built-in adapter in the handle ensures a flawless connection with the M18 removable battery system.
  • Versatile Lighting: The 36″ wireless bar provides stop, tail, and turn signal salong with side marker lights on each end and three central DOT lights.
  • Extended Usage: The power of the Milwaukee M18 battery ensures prolonged usage times, keeping users operational for longer periods.
  • User-Centric Design: The TM36M18, while advanced, remains user-friendly. It comes with an intuitive transmitter and simple to use bungee straps for mounting the bar.

Chris Anderson, Vice President of TowMate, commented on the launch, “With the TM36M18, we’ve taken a significant leap forward in redefining wireless tow lights. By integrating with a battery system that’s already popular and trusted, we’re enhancing user convenience and addressing a long-standing need in the market.”

This innovative light bar is a testament to TowMate’s dedication to continuous product development and commitment to offering solutions that resonate with users’ evolving needs.

The TM36M18 is now available for purchase through TowMate’s extensive network of dealers and distributors.

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About TowMate®:

TowMate® is a leading U.S. manufacturer specializing in LED lighting solutions for automotive safety. With a robust product line that includes wireless tow lights, overhead light bars, and advanced LED strobes, TowMate is consistently at the forefront of technology, ensuring safer roads and highways for all.