TowMate Utilizes Robust Manufacturing Capabilities To Take On New Products!

TowMate, Inc. has been rapidly adding to their product offerings in 2021 through new product development as well as exclusive manufacturing and distribution rights on other new items in the market. Two of the latest examples include ‘The Life Saver’ traffic cone warning light system and the LED illuminated ‘AirBar’ work zone boundary system.

The Life Saver (P/N: TM-LS) has changed form from its original design of a traffic cone with strobes mounted to it and housing a battery internally. It is now a self-contained unit that is universal to any traffic cone and features two LED strobes, lithium battery, and over 24 hours of runtime. This allows the user to continue to store cones by stacking them as well as move it from truck to truck with ease. The system itself is designed to be a quick deploy solution to get traffic moving over by placing it on the lead cone in advance of your work site. The standard model comes with two red and blue LED strobes that are sure to catch motorists’ attention. The light is not considered truck lighting and is not intended for use in motion and as a result has been widely accepted for use in such scenarios. However, other color options are available.

The AirBar system has been on the market in the UK for some time as the company that invented it, Nuvech, is based there. TowMate and Nuvech have teamed up and TowMate now manufactures the electronic portion of the system in Rogers, Arkansas where they are based. They are also the exclusive distributor for the US market. This system simply requires power and air in order to deploy the LED illuminated inflatable arrow from the side of a truck. Regardless of bed position or a casualty being hooked up, the Airbar extends outward from the truck and defines a boundary for the work area close to the truck body. Being inflatable, one can simply walk right through it instead of having to go around and into the lane of traffic to get around the vehicle. When installing, connect the activation wire to the PTO directly so that it automatically deploys when engaging in a job and retracts upon finish.

TowMate continues to expand upon their line of products that enhance the notion for drivers to ‘Slow Down, Move Over.’ Check with your local TowMate dealer for options and pricing. Not sure where to look? Go to to find a dealer near you today!