TRAA Launches New Certification Program

The Towing and Recovery Association of America, Inc.® (TRAA) is proud to announce its launch of the all-new Towing & Recovery Support Certification Program™ (TRSCP™).

This innovative certification program, which took effect January 1st, is designed specifically for professionals that aid in incident clearance but are not themselves towing operators; the first program of its kind! Dispatchers, office managers, and administrative staff have a vital role to play in safe incident clearance that has yet to be fully appreciated. The TRSCP™ aims to inform, evaluate, and set the national standard for professionals working in this important capacity. The TRSCP™ covers a wide variety of content from customer service, on-scene and offscene considerations, traffic incident management, post incident activities, and more. The program is open to all eligible participants employed in an incident management field such as towing, fire, EMS, DOT, or law enforcement.

As a professional certification program, participants review a written study guide before taking a proctored exam objectively evaluating their content knowledge. Upon successful completion of each level, participants will earn professional designations: Nationally Certified Towing Support Professional™ for the Entry Level and Nationally Certified Towing Support Specialist™ for the Advanced Level. Professional designations, which are unique to professional certification programs, offer benefits for both the participant and their employer. Such as competitive advantage applying for contracts, added credibility, and increased employee satisfaction.

This is the first new certification program TRAA has launched since the longrunning National Driver Certification Program® (NDCP) premiered over twenty years ago in 1995. As with the NDCP, the TRSCP™ was developed with the encouragement and grant funding of the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration.

TRAA greatly appreciates the support of the Federal Highway Administration and the efforts of the TRSCP™ Advisory Committee for their invaluable contributions to this significant, industry changing project. The TRSCP™ is going to be the baseline for support personnel moving forward! Registration officially opened January 1, 2019; visit: to learn more!