Worldwide Equipment Sales, More than Just a Recovery Parts Supplier

Worldwide Equipment Sales

Coming to the Supply side of towing from the Recovery Industry years ago, I have always felt there was a disconnection between companies supplying Parts and Accessories and the professionals working in the industry. Well, I can honestly say that I have landed in a position with a company that has changed that view for me.

Recently I accepted a position, with Worldwide Equipment Sales, after some years working with another supplier owned by a corporate Giant. It is so refreshing to be with a company deeply rooted in the recovery, transport, and hauler business, family owned, and so deeply dedicated to the industry, rather than trying to branch out into every niche industry they can find to keep margins level though out the year. We do not have a call center in a building somewhere staffed by people, that we all know, have never been associated with the industry until being hired. We staff with people who know the industry, who live and breathe the industry, who have been on the streets and used or built the products that we market.  We actually build and sell new recovery vehicles, used trucks, new and used trailers, and Auto Haulers. We have a service department to service recovery and other units, and we do not pretend to know the recovery industry, we are the recovery industry. We even offer our own line of Asset Tracking hardware, under the name, and we deal with real industry issues every day.

Worldwide Equipment Website

Worldwide Equipment Sales has recently built a new website ( to help better serve our long list of existing and new customers. The new site has a shopping cart always visible on any page that you are viewing, so that customers know what they have in the cart and amounts at any time, and it figures shipping instantly so you do not have to enter pages of info just to find out what shipping will be. We have enlarged the photos for easy identification, and added complete descriptions so you know what you are getting. We have also included Customer Reviews, written by customers for customers, so that you can hear in terms that everyone in the industry can understand how the products are performing. Now you can make a truly informed judgment that the part is going to work and fit your needs.

Everyone at Worldwide Equipment would like to take this opportunity to invite our existing and new customers to come visit our new site and sign up to win a brand new “Apple iPad.” No purchase necessary; just sign up to receive our completely new platform catalog, and win.

Todd J. Kemntizer
Worldwide Equipment