WreckMasterU – Online Leveled Courses, Tutorials, Safety Meetings and Videos.

For almost three decades, WreckMaster has been working towards creating a safer, more efficient and better compensated towing and recovery industry. Through hands-on training, mentorship and certification, we have reached over 40,000 towers since 1991. Today, we host hundreds of classes and train thousands of students every single year.

While WreckMaster has grown into the industry’s leading training authority, we still found that access to training and education was an issue facing our industry. Not everyone can afford the time to attend a hands-on training class, or maybe there is no class in your area. We wanted to find a way to make our training and principles available to anyone, anytime. That’s why we created WreckMasterU.

WreckMasterU is our online training platform, offering the same WreckMaster insights and expertise, but accessible at your own pace and convenience. We made our online courses easy to understand, navigate and interact with by adding instructor-lead video lessons and engaging visuals. We also made sure that all of our courses are mobile friendly, so you can truly access them anywhere or at any time.

WreckMasterU features four key types of online learning courses: Online Leveled Courses, Tutorials, Safety Meetings and Videos.

Online Leveled Courses give you the same WreckMaster experience you would receive in a WreckMaster hands-on classroom, all in an easy to navigate online course. This also includes our online exclusive entry-level training program, Level 1: Essentials, the perfect course for training new hires or for individuals looking to get into the towing industry.

Tutorials are online courses designed to expand your knowledge while about the most in-depth specialty topics in the towing and recovery industry.

Safety Meetings are designed to do exactly what the name suggests: keep you safe. Learn how to better protect yourself and those around you. We recommend doing these course in groups and discussing how you and your company can do more to stay safe.

Videos will teach you the ins-and-outs of some of towing’s most advanced techniques with detailed how-to’s and insights from WreckMaster staff.

Every course can be purchased individually, or our Online Leveled Courses can be purchased in a Bundle with a certification exam while our library of Tutorials, Safety Meetings and Videos can be accessed through a Monthly Subscription.

WreckMasterU – Towing training on your schedule.

Not sure online training is right for you? Why not try it and find out? Create an account on WreckMaster.com and you’ll get their Car Carrier Basics Tutorial absolutely free.