Zacklift gives owner’s the chance to Have It Their Way

Zacklift gives owner’s the chance to Have It Their Way. The FIFTHWEELER can hit the road running, all decked out with the complete package of standard equipment including a wide range of forks and receivers, and the highest quality US manufactured valve and equally high quality remote control. Plumbed, wired and ready for action, the FIFTHWHEELER has buildable options. Choose to add them at the get-go, or build any of them on down the road. Always in-demand are the 20K or 30K Warn planetary winches. Mounting, valve, hydraulic plumbing, directional cable guide- everything is handled for you. A tremendous compliment to the winch, “Only at Zacklift” Hydraulic Stifflegs are indispensable. The Stifflegs feature 25,000 pounds of powerful push in each leg, and Zacklift’s trademark Flip Feet provide either the digger-claw for serious load holding or flat steal pads for roads. For one more buildable add-on, Zacklift’s custom aerodyne tool boxes with polished aluminum gull-wing doors, provide tremendous storage capacity, while being engineered with head-turning style.

Financing is an all-important option. A funding company that know the industry is critic to great rates, and an easy process. At 60 months, a loaded Zacklift FIFTHWHEELER is $579.00 a month. Bundle up the Winch and Stifflegs and for $265.00 more, you’ve got the package. Find all the information at, or call 844-ZACKLIFT.