Our team, Cindy Horn, Janice LaVitte and Bryan Westfall of Weiss Insurance specialize in various transportation risks. We wear many hats as independent agents.  We tailor design your insurance policy to fit your insurance needs.   Not all risks are identical.  Years in business, your own loss experience, driver experience and type of business will affect your insurance cost.  

We understand your business and your business needs.  COVID has made 2020 a challenging year, we expect 2021 to be equally challenging.  Our insurance markets are A rated, and in most states.  Towing,  Transportation, Repossession, Cargo, Excess Cargo, Garage and/or Repair Facilities and Auto Sales are some of the types of business that we will write.  We have markets for worker’s compensation, group health, property, general liability and personal insurance.

For personalized service, give us a call …  Cindy Horn @ 636-534-7226 or cindyhorn@weiss-ins.com