Custer Products “When it comes to Service Trucks, We’re at your Service”!

Custer Products offers a wide variety of different products for your service trucks. From wireless light bars to replacement marker lights, Custer has all of your lighting needs. One of Custer’s newest products is the 54-Watt work light/amber strobe combo light (WL54AW). Similar to Custer’s WL19F in size and shape, the WL54AW includes a 27-watt white work light in the bottom row of diodes and a 27-watt amber strobe light on the top. This light includes a 3-wire hook-up which allows the driver to operate the strobe and work light features independently.  

Custer Products carries an entire line of wireless tow lights to help keep our tow truck drivers safe. The newest addition to Custer’s wireless line is the 23” wireless light-duty tow light (LIW-LDTL). This bar was designed with tow truck drivers in mind. Designed to withstand even the most inclement weather conditions, the polyethylene case is nearly indestructible and won’t warp or crack. The steel handle on top and the 105 lb. pull rubber-coated magnets on the bottom make for easy on-and-off installation while its low-profile design saves room in storage. Just like all of Custer’s wireless light bars, this bar is individually serialized which eliminates cross-talk between units and protects the owner against theft. This bar meets all DOT requirements, comes with a 3-year warranty and is proudly manufactured at Custer Products’ facility in Massillon OH.

One of Custer’s highest selling product lines is their LED rooftop light bars. Custer offers everything from 11’’ miniature rooftop light bars to 72” full size light bars. One of the newest additions to the rooftop light bar line is the LED Amber/White rooftop light bar which is available in 29”, 56”, and 72” lengths to fit several different sizes of service trucks. This strobe light bar comes with thirty flash patterns all controlled from a multi-function control box that sits in the cab of the truck. This bar comes with arrow stick/traffic control built in with seven different flash patterns for each function. This bar comes with LED side marker lights, red LED stop/tail/turn rear facing lights, LED alley lights which can be steady on or strobe, and LED take down lights which can also be steady on or strobe. This amber/white rooftop light bar is the perfect addition to any service truck that wants to stay safe while working on the side of the road.

Along with rooftop strobe light bars, Custer Products also sells a wide variety of surface mount strobes. One of the newest additions to Custer’s line is the LED Class I Surface mount strobe (STR-XL1) which is available in Amber (not pictured) and Amber/White. With very low-profile dimensions of 4.85” L x 1” W x 0.3” D, the STR-XL1 series is small in size but powerful in its brightness. This strobe light comes with 24 different flash patterns and can be synchronized with up to twelve other modules of its kind. The STR-XL1 series is also able to do an alternating pattern or a “wig-wag” function with another light. This reverse polarity protected strobe light comes with a Class I SAE certification and has a waterproof rating
of IP67. 

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