New Products to “Help You Help Them”

Long hours, dangerous situations. That sums up a day in the life of a tow operator, right? Well, here are just a handful of
new products to help you do your job faster and safer.

Low-Profile Chain and Strap Bridles
New to the market, Low-Profile Chain and Strap Bridles help reduce damage to the undercarriage of the towed vehicle. The oblong connecting link on the bridle attaches to your wire rope hook with the hook’s point facing sideways. This reduces the chance of damaging or puncturing something underneath the vehicle – snagging an oil pan, radiator, or bumper can get expensive. Also, during loading of the vehicle, the hook’s point won’t get caught on the end of the bed. Try using a swivel-style hook for the best results. The bridles have Grade 70 hardware and are available in four chain varieties and 12 strap varieties with 8-inch J-hooks, 15-inch J-hooks, and mini J- and T-hooks in various combinations. As always, any grade 70 assembly should not be used for recovery.

Flatbed Tow Ramps
Flatbed Tow Ramps are designed to get low-clearance vehicles safely on/off flatbeds and are safer and more professional than using wooden boards. Made of high-density polystyrene with a polyurethane coating, they’re almost indestructible. They’re very lightweight with the largest ramp weighing less than 20 pounds. The ramps won’t slip or slide and are very easy to use, store, and transport. Available in 4 different sizes and sold in pairs.

In The Ditch™ Motorcycle Caddy
Easily and safely load a motorcycle onto your flatbed. Made of solid steel with a black Tuff coat finish, the Motorcycle Caddy has a 900-lb. working load limit. It easily disassembles into three sections for storage and transport in a toolbox. The Caddy has tie down rings on each axle for securing the motorcycle with straps.

LED AirGuard Tire Pressure Monitor
Never get caught with low tires again. The LED AirGuard Tire Pressure Monitor alerts you when tire pressure is low by providing a quick visual check of each tire – the LED begins flashing red when tire pressure drops 8 psi. This monitor works on tire pressures between 10 and 200 psi and within a temperature range of -40 F to 275 F. The AirGuard memorizes the tire pressure when it is first installed and can be recalibrated. Included with the monitor are a protective cover and 1 install key. Battery life in stand-by mode is 2-3 years; when flashing, 3 weeks.

Steck Super Easy Wedge
The Steck Super Easy Wedge has a plastic insert for stiffness, which makes for easier insertion into window and doorframes. Made of nylon to prevent damage to vehicles and prevent slippage. Measuring 7 inches long by 9 inches wide, it has a larger surface area to create wider openings and weight distribution – this means less chance of damaging the vehicle. Perfect for opening tighter and/or larger doors.

ANSI Class 2 Black-Bottom Tee
The ANSI Class 2 Black-Bottom Tee keeps you looking cleaner while at work. Its black bottom front hides the dirt, with the 2-inch wide reflective tape keeping you visible. The 3.8-ounce lightweight ANSI wicking fabric helps keep you cool. This short-sleeve shirt, available in yellow, has one left chest pocket and comes in 8 sizes.

ANSI Class 3 Long Rain Coat
The ANSI Class 3 Long Rain Coat has a black lower body and sleeves – good for hiding dirt and stains. Reflective piping on the shoulders, hood, and sleeves provides improved visibility, along with the 2-inch wide reflective tape. Made of waterproof material including durable seam-sealed construction, it has a zipper/storm flap closure for added protection in addition to adjustable wrist cuffs and a hood. Two lower front pockets include a flap. Choose from 4 different sizes.

These are just a sliver of new products out there. Many new solutions are available to keep you on time, on budget and out of harm’s way.

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