We know it takes teamwork and support to be a successful tow and service provider. We want you to know, we’re in this partnership together. We’ve been teaming up with service providers since 1968, making us an experienced choice. With our proven performance and reliability, you can count on us.

Every day, our contracted service providers perform outstanding and timely service. In return, we care about your business by guaranteeing personal service, on-time payments and flexibility. We strive to save you money. Our contracted service providers have access to uniform discounts at G & K, loading equipment discounts at Condor and financing deals at Equipment Advantage Funding. We focus on your customers by knowing what customers want and communicating the professionalism and compassion customers expect from start to finish.

To learn more about partnering with us, go to WWW.USACMD.COM and apply to be a contracted service provider today.

Thank you for letting us be a part of your community. We’re a partnership you can grow with.