Towing Industry Innovation: New Products from AW Direct

AW Direct’s goal of “helping you help them” involves providing a wide range of products that can help you get the job done faster, better and safer. Naturally, this means keeping up to date with new advances in towing product technology. Today’s towing industry, like many industries, is seeing the introduction of more and more … Read More

Winch Lines- The Heart of the Pull

By Paul Ederer, Technical Support-AWDirect Wire winch lines are the heart of our recovery operations. A damaged line is a serious safety issue and a broken one removes a recovery vehicle from service. Unfortunately, winch lines are often misunderstood. In this article I will cover the basics of winch lines (commonly called wire ropes). I … Read More

High-Visibility Clothing: Protection from Traffic, Harsh Weather and More

By Don Kubly, Technical Support – AW Direct Tow truck operators work in an environment where personal protective clothing is a must to be safe on the job. Wearing high-visibility clothing when on a roadway and around or near moving traffic makes the operator more visible. Protective clothing is available for when an operator is … Read More

The Winter Season is Coming—Are You Ready?

By Paul Ederer, Technical Support for AW Direct Cold, ice and snow create problems for all of us, but when your business is counted on to bring people to safety, being fully prepared is the only way you can be on the road when it counts. Fall is the time to really get everything in … Read More