The Buck Stops Here

When I started my own business, I didn’t realize how different my life would become. As the owner of my business, I was now responsible for everything that would happen. I was now in charge of…


It’s not uncommon for towers to get in a comfort zone, especially when things are going good, and they continue to do the same thing every day. The owners love to take their trucks out and tow. That’s what they are good at and that is what they know best, but in these ever-changing times, it is time for the owners to expand their horizons and look for ways to improve their businesses.

Healthcare and the Bottom Line

By Dan Messina Another year is rapidly approaching, and we, as business owners, will have a whole new set of challenges facing us. I would never have guessed that healthcare would be such a big challenge. Up until now, most of the small business never had to offer any type of healthcare to its employees. … Read More

When to Sell Your Company

Over 70,000 small businesses are bought and sold each year. Someday, your business may become a part of that number. When I sold my business, I ran into the perfect scenario. I can’t say that I was ready to sell my company, but two buyers came to me, and I had to make a decision.

Getting Back on the Road Faster

Opportunities for Tow Truck Operators In today’s fast paced world our highways have become the largest rolling ware houses in the “just in time” system used in North America. Accidents happen 24/7 and vary from mild collisions to horrific multi-vehicle pileups. While emergency response teams assist the injured, the police are responsible to protect the scene from further accidents and keep … Read More

Towing and a Commercial Driver’s License

There seems to be a lot of confusion as to what you need as far as a CDL to drive a wrecker or roll back. I guess the first thing would be to explain just what a CDL is, and isn’t. If you operate any vehicle, which transports hazardous materials in sufficient quantities as to … Read More

While You Were Out … Keeping Your Company in Motion

It’s  two  o’clock in the morning and a customer calls to get the price for a car that was towed last week. You are at the grocery store with a cart full of groceries, and as you start putting your items on the belt and the checker has asked you if you found everything, your … Read More

Getting to Know Insurance Auto Auctions

Founded in 1982, IAA is driving the salvage auto auction industry, working to provide the best value to buyers and high returns to sellers. IAA’s unique business model combines in-person and on-line auctions into one platform. This well-established model allows the company to flex in ways a single, on-line only auction model cannot. What should … Read More