How Tight Is Too Tight Part 2

Last month I examined the effects of using cheater bars when tightening tie downs, both chain and web.This time I going to try to answer the question-How tight should they be? Before I do that, I want to absolutely convince you that cheater bars have no place in the tightening tie-downs. If you remember, I … Read More

To Optimize Your Switch to Synthetic Winch Lines, Enlist the Pros

By Bill Putnam On the winch drums of tow trucks nationwide, high-performance synthetic cordage is rapidly replacing wire line. It’s a change driven dually by efficiency and safety: synthetics are lighter, easier to handle, and just as strong as their steel counterparts; yet if they do fray or part, they don’t carry the same threat … Read More

Cutting Corners Part 2

Let’s do a little recap from the first half. Last month, I showed the reduction in strength when loading a web tie down strap, a 2 inch lifting sling, a V strap leg and a 3/8” steel core wire rope over a 90 degree corner, and not necessarily a sharp one. The average reduction in … Read More

Straps and Chains

By Simon Birch This month, we are going to discuss straps and chains. We will cover their uses and applications, ratings and sizes, and care and maintenance. STRAPS Nylon or Polyester straps have become the industry standard over the last decade or so. They are available in as many different shapes, sizes and configurations as … Read More

Cutting Corners, What Our Testing and Research Shows

By Fritz Dahlin Note: Please be aware that this testing was done with new product under controlled conditions. NO product should EVER be used above its WORK LOAD LIMIT. Minimum break strengths should NEVER be used to determine the suitably of a product. Failure to follow these warnings may result in property damage, personal injury … Read More

Which Winch is Which?

Merriam – Webster defines a winch as a machine for hauling or pulling.  Specifically, a winch is a powerful machine with one or more drums on which to coil a rope, cable, or chain for hauling or hoisting.  In industry, winches stand at the heart of machines as diverse as tow trucks, large industrial cranes, … Read More

Winch Basics and Not-so-Basics

Todd K., AWDirect Technical Product Support Coming from a life working in (and owning) collision centers, repair shops, tire shops and now working in the marketing and technical side of the industry, my human hard drive of stories, mistakes, accomplishments and knowledge of the towing industry is reaching critical mass. I think back to the … Read More