Jump Starting 101

When it comes to jump starting, there are a few quick questions to answer to determine what you need: How much power do I need?; How often will I be jump starting?; What kind of access do I require; and, How long do I want the jump starter to last, given my usage patterns? Power … Read More

Five Reasons Why a Jump Starter Beats Booster Cables (Every Time)

With the incredibly inclement weather seen this winter, it has been common to see TV news articles addressing ways vehicle owners can be prepared and survive the cold and snow. Inevitably, one of the items they talk about is booster cables and the jump starting process. Occasionally, they mention a jump starter, but usually stick … Read More

Starting System Cables

Associated Equipment has been producing Professional Quality Booster Cables and Plug-in Starting Systems for over 60 years.  The plug-in starting system is designed with both the operator and the customer in mind.  Features include heavy-duty tangle-free cables that remain flexible in extremely cold weather, solid copper jaws with poly-vinyl insulated clamps and “Flexi-Spring” cable guards … Read More

Jump Packs . . . Non-traditional Uses

Todd K., AW Direct Technical Product Support Over the years experience has taught me one thing for certain: jump packs are not just for jump-starting vehicles anymore. The first out-of-the-ordinary use that comes to mind is bench testing 12-volt components. I was in my home shop one night trying to find a good CD-radio to … Read More