AW Direct’s goal of “helping you help them” involves providing a wide range of products that can help you get the job done faster, better and safer. Naturally, this means keeping up to date with new advances in towing product technology. Today’s towing industry, like many industries, is seeing the introduction of more and more innovative new tools. With many of today’s products, a tower can complete tasks much easier and safer than towers of previous generations could, and the better you can do your job, the better you can help those who need it. AW Direct is excited to offer an array of new items that reflect the innovation seen in the towing industry today.

Certainly, one area of increased innovation in the towing industry over the years has been lighting. Older lighting styles like rotators and strobes have essentially been replaced by the largely superior and somewhat revolutionary LED technology. Whelen’s new Mini Liberty™ II IT9 Series LED Lightbar, now available from AW Direct, is one example of how far lighting technology has come. The Mini-Liberty Lightbar is an extremely bright lightbar that features improved optics and linear LEDs for a superior light output. It also features a low profile design that is sleeker and less conspicuous when off than older style lights. Its compact size makes storing the magnetic mount option easier as well. The mini lightbar also offers 58 Scan-Lock™ flash patterns to choose from.

Often, a product can be called innovative not because it is entirely revolutionary, but because it is a basic necessity that exemplifies the gradual improvement brought on by years of hard work using the tool. B/A Products’ Super Swaged IWRC Rope with Self-Locking Swivel Hook is an example of a basic towing product that is engineered to solve or alleviate a number of difficulties that have frustrated towers using wire rope. Super Swaged Rope is designed for strength as well as compactness, as it is stronger than standard winch lines of the same diameter and has a design factor ratio of 3.55:1. The larger surface area of the outer wires also provides better resistance to wear and tear, and its compactness helps it to resist drum crushing. The swaging process used in manufacturing the rope helps it to resist abrasion, bird nesting and kinking.

Of course, increased innovations are welcome not just because they help get the job done faster and more efficiently, but because they can also help get certain jobs done safer and more carefully. An example of a product that can help towers do a dangerous job more carefully and precisely is B/A Products’ Gradual-Release Ratchet. The ratchet reduces tension one gear at a time instead of allowing a tightly bound strap to go flying the second it is released. The ratchet can also help you put greater tension on loads when securing them for transport, and it features a double locking mechanism for added safety.

Change in techniques and procedures can happen just as assuredly and naturally as changes in tools sometimes. If we allow our experiences to improve the tools we use, it makes sense that we would do the same with the methods and procedures we use on the job as well. Thankfully, the towing industry today is attempting more and more to provide training materials for towers that can help them learn from others with experience in the field. Wreckmaster has been a source of information for towers since its inception, and its newly released Recovery Handbook is a 136-page compilation of up to date towing procedures and techniques. The handbook covers topics ranging from traffic control, winching, rigging, car carrying, recovery engineering methods and more.

You can find all of these new products and more at AW Direct. We are committed to offering you as many of the best new innovative products as possible and to being a resource of information about how you can use those products effectively. We look forward to working with you in seeking to make the towing industry better and safer for those within it and for those who need its services.

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