Getting to Know Insurance Auto Auctions

Founded in 1982, IAA is driving the salvage auto auction industry, working to provide the best value to buyers and high returns to sellers. IAA’s unique business model combines in-person and on-line auctions into one platform. This well-established model allows the company to flex in ways a single, on-line only auction model cannot. What should … Read More

Lifting-Related Back Injuries: A Common, but Avoidable Occurrence

Using proper posture may be the last thing on an operator’s mind when out on a call. Instead, they may be focused on avoiding oncoming traffic, figuring out the best way to hook the vehicle, navigating slippery or uneven terrain, and braving the elements.  While these are all critical, so too is putting the body … Read More

GPS: From Tracking To Reinventing

There has never been a better time to assess the potential of GPS-based solutions for your towing and recovery business. With the convergence in mobile technologies, there has been an explosion in the number and diversity of available solutions – options that can make a material difference in the performance of your business. Before laying … Read More