Towing: The Future

By Dan Messina For the past two years, I’ve been telling towers how the industry is changing. Social media now plays a big part of our everyday life, our customers have gotten smarter, and they expect a better service, but the biggest change taking place is companies bidding for city contracts. In the past, if … Read More

Diesel Fuel Additives

By Dan Watson Ultra-low sulfur diesel, low-sulfur diesel, off-road full-sulfur diesel, number 1 or number 2 diesel, Cetane ratings for diesel and on and on it goes; what does it all mean and do I need to use an additive to supplement my diesel fuel? Today’s diesel fuel is very different from diesel of 30 … Read More

Are You a People Builder?

Unfortunately, while reading a note that someone just sent me, I discovered a dear friend of mine has passed away at the early age of 47. His name was Todd Smith. Todd was from Ashford, Alabama. What a wonderful guy he was, besides a great Dad to four children and a good husband who married … Read More