How Tight Is Too Tight Part 2

Last month I examined the effects of using cheater bars when tightening tie downs, both chain and web.This time I going to try to answer the question-How tight should they be? Before I do that, I want to absolutely convince you that cheater bars have no place in the tightening tie-downs. If you remember, I … Read More

Jump Starting 101

When it comes to jump starting, there are a few quick questions to answer to determine what you need: How much power do I need?; How often will I be jump starting?; What kind of access do I require; and, How long do I want the jump starter to last, given my usage patterns? Power … Read More

Scene Safety Procedures: Increasing Your Safety on the Job

By Simon Birch, Technical Product Support – AW Direct Much has been written and discussed about the merits of hi-vis, ANSI approved clothing, and there is no doubt that it contributes to keeping you safe out on the roadside. Towers all have and use warning lights as well, but what else can you do to … Read More

Revenue Streams

Additional Revenue Streams With the economy the way it is all small businesses are struggling to survive. As I travel around the U.S. I talk to towers that get creative and come up with additional ways to generate revenue. 1.One company got rid of his heavy duty business. This cut down on expenses, and he … Read More