Getting Back on the Road Faster

    Opportunities for Tow Truck Operators

    In today’s fast paced world our highways have become the largest rolling ware houses in the “just in time” system used in North America. Accidents happen 24/7 and vary from mild collisions to horrific multi-vehicle pileups. While emergency response teams assist the injured, the police are responsible to protect the scene from further accidents and keep the traffic moving safely through and around the area. Keeping a highway open is a top priority.


    Closed highways mean lost dollars to the trucking industry and manufacturing world. Even though the police work diligently to reopen roadways, the current procedures for clean up can be very slow waiting for hazardous material teams to respond. This lag in the system creates a big opportunity for tow truck companies to expand their services.


    A tow operator specializing in spill response would need training and materials from accredited sources. Proper equipment includes a truck or trailer that can carry absorbents –  most commonly a loose, instant granular; socks; booms; pads; over packs and secondary containment products for “water only” to place in sewers or waterways close to the highway.  Using quality spill response products provides a timely solution so highways are left clean , safe, and open for business!


    Towing companies trained in spill response will increase their profits, save money for the insurance companies and  save on time and costs by assisting emergency response teams in getting a roadway opened quicker. Faster cleanup also means there is less chance for hydrocarbons to leach into surrounding soils or water-tables and become an environmental hazard.

    Cost Effective Solutions

    Aside from meeting regulatory requirements, a towing company needs cost effective, reliable products for quick, easy and safe hazardous material clean up. Clean Planet Enterprises is a US based company dedicated to cleaning up the world one spill at a time, one pallet at a time. They distribute “Spill Experts Professional blend” – an instantly encapsulating granular absorbent with a patented formula developed for outdoor use. These products out perform the traditional clay products 6:1 making them the professionals choice of absorbents. They are reusable, non-toxic ,safe for the handler and for the environment.


    Trained towing operators who can showcase their superior

    Spill response products to the fire departments, police departments and insurance companies will become recognized as trusted professionals to remove wreckage and provide a specialized service – a definite advantage in the highly competitive towing industry.

    How to proceed

    Any tow operator interested in this ground breaking, profit producing opportunity can visit or to view our product demonstration.

    If you have questions, would like product demonstrations, need training or just want to know how to equip a spill trailer, feel free to contact Spill Experts in Canada at 1-877-225-9344 and speak with the chief technologist Ron Porter, a 25 year veteran firefighter and re-known certified hazardous material incident commander or Karen Seegert President of Spill Experts Inc.