Agero RoadsideConnectTM: The Next Generation Arrives

Agero has officially launched the next generation of their Roadside ConnectTM mobile app for Android smartphones.

The newly designed app includes the same smart, useful features as the popular original version – including dispatch details at the driver’s fingertips, guided navigation, and job status management resources – but now also incorporates tools to benefit the mobile dispatcher.

Useful innovations offer practical benefits for dispatchers and drivers.

With the newly revised app, mobile dispatchers can now receive and assign Agero jobs to their drivers via smartphones. In addition, dispatchers can now locate and manage their drivers on a map in real-time. Since Roadside Connect now empowers the dispatcher to see where each of their trucks is located, dispatchers are now able to assign the best-qualified driver to a job based upon the driver’s equipment and current location.

Plus, with the new version of the app, drivers will see only the actual jobs that are assigned to them. The cleaner interface eliminates confusion and provides more focus on the job at hand.

The updated Roadside Connect app is FREE to Agero Service Providers.

Best of all, because the Roadside Connect app is free to Agero providers, now even small towing and recovery businesses can benefit from technology previously affordable only to larger service providers.

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