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While working as a Claims Adjuster, one of my Trucking Company clients began ranting that ALL “Wrecker Service Providers” (WSP’s) were crooks! I disagreed! They were using a “Free Directory,” knowing they received a small percentage of the WSP’s Towing & Recovery Invoice, but felt like costs were still too high? What a shocker!  NTRG is a “DataBase of WSP’s” where the Trucking Company pays a fixed monthly Subscription Fee so that the WSP doesn’t have to mark-up their Invoice to cover any “small percentage.” When our Subscribers need help, they call the WSP direct, and say that they found your name on our website. All that means to a WSP is that they agree to bill the Trucking Company, using our Invoicing Software, as it already includes their hourly Rates. This was created to simplify the billing process…at no cost to the WSP, while also providing uniform Invoices for our Subscribers.

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