Tow Shows: Western States Tow Show & Midwest Regional Tow Show

Tow Show 3

Tow Professional magazine, the Western States Tow Show, and the Midwest Regional Tow Show are proud to announce a partnership to help promote these association tow shows across the nation. The two association operated shows are planned and executed with the goal of raising money for the associations in order to further the industry, provide funds for lobbying, develop ongoing education programs, and foster safety in our dangerous profession. It’s exciting to be a part of this marketing program, as both shows already have a regional presence and their associations work to share information and resources with their neighboring states, making all stronger. We feel this will be a great opportunity for all. With the increased marketing, the two shows will bring an even larger variety of vendors to the shows with the latest equipment and knowledge for the attendees, and continue the outstanding events and social opportunities that the towing community enjoys. Expanding the attendees through the surrounding associations and the readers of Tow Professional will give even greater value to the vendors and help them grow stronger also.

Western States Tow Show

Midwest Regional Tow Show