Spill Containment with EcoSponge

Keystone EcoSponge

Keystone EcoSponge

EcoSponge is utilized as an absorbent and bioremediation product in both residential and industrial applications. EcoSponge can be spread on any surface and will quickly absorb most aqueous spills. Spread a thin layer of EcoSponge over the spill. Wait a short period of time for the spill to be absorbed. The patented of microbes are designed to consume the hydrocarbons and can turn most any spills into inert material. The hydrocarbons will be encapsulated within the cell walls of EcoSponge.  EcoSponge naturally occurring microorganisms will immediately begin to break down the hydrocarbons. Once the contaminates are encapsulated, the unwanted material is then considered to be biodegrade and can be left on site or disposed of in most landfills. The product works on both soil and hard surface applications. EcoSponge is also able to absorb and encapsulate heavy metals from soils and liquids.

Why EcoSponge?

  • Low cost
  • Extremely high absorption value
  • Quick absorption rates
  • Biodegrades most oils and solvents
  • Absorbs 4 times more than clay products without the dust
  • Non-abrasive
  • Works on hard surfaces and water

Keystone stocks plenty of products for spill containment, such as booms and absorbent pads. We also have a chemical solution that will cleanup spills on contact and breaks down the Hydrocarbons.

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