Taking to the Road Efficiently

Every business wants to increase profits, productivity and communication, but implementing solutions can often be costly and time-consuming. Weighing out the costs and benefits of a new deployment can further discourage managers from exploring options. To best understand how tow companies can increase efficiency, we researched the needs of drivers, dispatchers and managers. We found that to be more efficient in the industry tow companies require real time management, constant connectivity, and software that provides drivers with resources they need in their truck.

Managing in Real Time
To ensure efficient use of fuel, effective use of time, and the safety of drivers, managers and dispatchers need real time technology. The use of a platform that detects Power Take Off (PTO) and provides standard GPS tracking back to the center can show unit location and speed to improve dispatch and tracking. For improved performance, we suggest a platform with a three-axis accelerometer, which supports configuration of acceleration, braking, and cornering at multiple levels. Comprehensive platforms offer mobile management through Android and iOs and can help with fleet organization, job dispatch and evaluation of driver behavior.

Constant Connectivity
No truck driver wants to be in the midst of delivery and enter a dead zone where they lose a signal and end up driving in circles or asking a station host for directions. Nor does the company want to incur costs for changing location mid-travel and later find out the driver never received new instructions. With suppliers now having the ability to change their delivery requests at any time, the importance of secure and reliable connectivity has never been more important. Wyless Telematics offers national connectivity through the largest network of operators, so regardless of location, drivers remain on the most advanced network, ensuring no downtime and no dead zones.

Road Requirements
While drivers will always require GPS to get on location on time, system advances can improve ETA and customer communication. Improved features include advanced mapping and geo-zones. Advanced mapping uses satellites and algorithms to provide up-to-date configurations keeping drivers informed of traffic changes. Simultaneously, geo-cities track progress and alert dispatch and the customer when the truck enters the area so everyone is constantly informed and connected.

So, what solution is right for your company and how will you deploy it? The cost of hardware, training required and human resources needed to implement a solution that meets these needs is less difficult than previously thought. Wyless Telematics provides a holistic solution, including free hardware, the largest wireless network, and real-time software that meet dispatch, driver, and manager needs. The best part is they supply the hardware free of charge, offer software training and provide integration support to ensure a seamless deployment, all for a low monthly fee.

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