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Software is just another business tool, and, like any proficient business owner, you should evaluate this and other parts of business on a regular basis. Investing in the future profitability of your business should be part of your annual review and budgeting process, what works and what does not. VTS Systems offers more than just a towing and VSF software. Our goal is to help our clients manage their businesses more efficiently byproviding management resources and sound advice based on years of experience, which includes, among others, a solid and reliable PC/server based software platform.

All products and services have a life cycle, just like a working tow truck, software should be upgraded or replaced to meet your needs. Unlike a truck, software does not wear out, but it does have a half-life, and you should expect your software company to provide regular updates with added features to help you remain competitive. Assuming that all software will perform as advertised, the availability of daily support to answer questions, fix operator issues, and be there in an emergency, is far more important.
Moreover, allowing your company to become caught up in the technology race is a position you should avoid. Just because it is new, it does not mean that it is better, or that your company needs it. For example, what appears at first to be a wonderful whiz-bang feature offered by cloud-based software is the ability to enter data from a smartphone. Whereas this is a great feature, before you say “WOW I‘ve got to have that,” ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are my driver/operators competent typists or texters?
  • Do my driver/operators have the capability to quickly navigate the software application, and correctlyenter billing data without having someone else review and check their data input? Mistakes frequently go unnoticed until it is too late to rectify without significant financial cost.
  • Do my drivers have the time to enter invoicing data, or would I rather them proceed to the next
    money earning tow or incident?
  • Am I trying to push a square peg into a round hole?

How you answer the questions above, maybe depend on gender and age. If you are under 35 years of age, you are frequently more comfortable with technology and ongoing change. If you fall into the age group above 35, then you may want a solution that not only meets your needs, but also allows you to choose the features you need within an application. This solution may be less complex, and easier to use. VTS Systems will help you decide which features and technology best suit your company-specific needs.

In 2001, VTS Systems was the first company to integrate into its software automated online DMV access, and, later, after collaborating with other industry leaders, now offers more than 28 individual state DMVs online. In 2010, VTS Systems was the first towing and VSF Software Company to offer integrated electronic certified mail for lien processing. “NO MORE GOING TO THE POST OFFICE.” To provide these and other advanced features,VTS Systems chose to collaborate with Auto Data Direct and TomTom Telematics, along with other leaders within our industry, who could provide advanced features at a lower cost.

To discuss your needs with no obligation, call Lisa Truitt or Nigel Pestell 281-373-3072.