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So…. Who is Perry Beaty? Perry Beaty grew up in the towing business in Charlotte, North Carolina. He took over the company reins, Beaty Towing and Rcovery, after a two-year stint in the Army (drafted in early 70’s). Perry took the towing service to new heights and became involved with trpnc in 1980. He later served as its president, 1992-1995, introducing a scholarship program through wreckmaster for its members. Beaty was awarded “Towman of the Year” in January of 1992 from TRPNC and named one of the “Top Ten Wreckmasters” of 1997. Perry attained several levels of wreckmaster certification and received hazwoper certification in the early 90’s after realizing a need for quicker and more efficient cleanup response to highway incidents in the carolinas for emergency management, law enforcement, fire, and his towing customer base.

Perry created and founded Piedmont Environmental Response Team, “PERT,” later selling both companies in 1998. Beaty formed Logos, Inc. in 2004 for the purpose of developing and creating a lightweight, low air pressure drainpipe plug with flow through capabilities for hazmat operations. He applied for and received a patent for an invention described as “inflatable flow control apparatus” and associated method. The name “FlowStop” is trademarked. Perry also completed and was designated “HERS”, Highway Emergency Response Specialist, through SERTC in Pueblo, Co in 2018. Training through hazmat responder network has grown to offer cargo tank awareness training with focus on transport tank trailers hauling class 3, 6 & 8 primarily, using tank simulators for hands on training..

Beginning in the 90’s, which seems very long ago the federal government charged three of their agencies, (epa, dot and osha) with creating a source of training for emergency spill response not only at industrial plants and manufacturing facilities but also to include emergency response to off site spills and unplanned releases of chemicals and fuels.

Thus, was created “HAZWOPER,” hazardous waste operations and emergency response!

Employers were tasked with having their personnel train in accordance with the 29 cfr 1910.120 rules and regulations that govern the awareness, defensive and offensive measures, proper protective clothing along with decon methods. 

Epa officials began arriving on truck accident scenes to assure that fluid spills and releases were mitigated so as to prevent cross contamination.

Only certified personnel were permitted to engage in clean up operations. This requirement resulted in the need for all on scene employees to be hazwoper certified according to their level of involvement on scene. As in billing for towing and recovery, consideration now has to be given for certification, experience, safety concerns, equipment involvement, equipment and personnel de-con, hazmat transport and disposal, replenishing disposable equipment and, of course the admin fees for required reporting. What becomes quite apparent is the new billing structure created for hazmat remediation. While these charges can be quite extensive, they are never to be considered as “a license to steal.”  Integrity, honesty and reputation are your most valuable assets!!!  

Hazmat responder network enjoys an alliance with partners for extended methods of response such to include treatment products and test methods to enhance reduced time on scene and off the road quicker.

Training enables your team to be more efficient and conduct operations safer. By utilizing an “IAP” incident action plan and “SOP” standard operating procedure. Teams function at a higher standard and thus less confusion and / or accidents. Investing in training employees builds self esteem and helps with retention and minimizes worker turnover.

By offering total site remediation, tow & recovery companies position themselves to manage all phases of the mishap which pleases the authorities in dealing with only one entity.

Hazmat responder network introduces safe and practical working methods along with products offered by flowstop which were developed for quick and safe results. Absorbents as well as treatment materials and test equipment are demonstrated during the hazwoper course to enable participants to understand approach and secure of discharge materials.

Take your business to the next level and dominate the scene!

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