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The year 2020 will be remembered by most as a nightmare for the tow & recovery industry. Many looked for new revenue ventures that would fit in with their existing tow business with existing employees able to handle new tasks. Spill response was the most logical answer as many towers received HAZWOPER training that is compliant with the Code of Federal regulations set forth by OSHA, EPA and DOT rules and regulations. Having the certification is becoming a standard with many law enforcement agencies requiring towers who handle heavy recoveries be HAZWOPER certified to completely handle accidents involving damaged fuel tanks to spilled cargo as to minimize further contamination.

OSHA also requires that all personnel responding to a spill site be trained in accordance with the Laws relating to the CFR standards. (This means by the letter of the law. If you are not trained in accordance with 29 CFR 1910.120, you are not legally able to perform that task). This is not a new standard; however, Hazmat Response is becoming a more key issue in cleaning up all debris involving fluids and returning impacted sites back to their original state. To engage in the proper approach to a spill, requires knowledge of what levels of Personal Protective Equipment, PPE, to deploy for those responders in accordance with laws governing the Environmental segment. Having the right equipment for different scenarios means planning and equipping for various needs that may arise due to traffic mishaps. Having operated a towing company for years and creating a hazmat response company resulted in forming a training and equipment manufacturing entity that caters to the needs of tow and recovery professionals. Logos, Inc. manufactures tools known as “FlowStop” for the hazmat trade for tow companies and first responders alike.

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