Its Monday morning, 8:21 am–it’s always Monday!  The shop smells like metal and oil–burned oil.  Somewhere, the all familiar drip-drip of leaking fluids reminds you of another problem yet to be fixed. The clipboard in your hands contains work orders and vehicle inspections, all illegible, torn, and smeared.  A call from a driver says they have been rear ended in an accident.  Wasn’t there a note about a broken taillight?  When did it break?   When was the last time the truck was inspected?  Forms get ignored for being illegible. Inspections are delayed or insufficient from mismanaged schedules. Where are the inspections?  They are at the bottom of a stack of smeared and illegible forms somewhere in a pile in the office.   In short, your fleet maintenance has suffered a breakdown of key elements, and it’s gonna cost you–time, customers, and money!  SureEcosystems Fleet helps to protect your trucks and assets with an easy-to-use, web-based maintenance software, keeping you aware of day-to-day vehicle operations.


Fleet creates a direct line of communication between you and your drivers, eliminating paper forms, allowing you to stay on top of your fleet maintenance. The software will alert you immediately when any issue is reported, so it can be properly addressed. Fleet offers complete work-order management, so you can create and assign work orders, track current status staying on top of hours of labor, total cost, and downtime.


Wouldn’t it be nice to have your drivers or technicians, who operate your vehicles, check out the vehicle and their tools prior to each shift? Obviously, we all hope our drivers do a walk around inspection, and we hope that they leave the shop or start their day with the tools required to perform their jobs. Using sureEcosystem Fleet, you can accomplish this and much more, as well as have a daily record and accountability.  When a driver begins their shift, they perform an inspection completely customized by you. The site provides a template to work from with many questions already available for you to use in building your inspection. You can add other questions as well. In addition to checking the oil or the tire pressure, your drivers can also check to make sure that specific items are on the vehicle (or in the vehicle) that are needed to perform their work like insurance cards, for example.  Deficiencies can be tracked, drivers can restock vehicles, alerts can be set, or work orders generated into your maintenance tracking system. “Work Orders” can be set as well based on your preferences tied to the specific questions you use in your company. Many other types of inspections can also be performed including vehicle end-of-shift check in and appearance inspections.  All these inspections are used in building reports that let you know what’s going on with your fleet and your business. It also lets you know which employees are performing the work you would like them to do in accordance with company policy.


SureEcosystem also tracks all the maintenance performed on your vehicles. Whether it is in your own shop or outside shops. The site allows you to keep track of the costs of maintaining each vehicle individually. Work being performed on vehicles is tracked using work orders in sureEcosystem that can be assigned to internal technicians, external shops, or others.

Customizable thresholds allow you to maintain, inspect, and replace vehicle components on a regular schedule that you define. This may mean that you want to perform preventative maintenance on different schedules for different vehicles or to check brakes, tires, or other items at defined intervals. SureEcosystem even lets you track maintenance thresholds for the ancillary equipment attached to your truck or specific vocational bodies. Equipment such as tankers, tool bodies, ambulances, tow trucks, tree service equipment, and specialized vehicle components for many other industries.


There is a way to create alerts and proactively address preventive maintenance and service requirements. That way is through “Vehicle Records,” a feature that allows one to manage permits, licensing, registration, and other time-sensitive documents.


Drivers can report accidents directly from the mobile app. The app ensures that all the proper information is collected, including photos and audio recordings.   SureEcosystem also utilizes “Driver Qualification,” a feature that saves time managing and organizing your drivers with features including groups, attached documents, reminders on actionable items, and intelligent pre-populated driver information.


This feature assigns and manages tasks performed on your vehicles. “Work Orders” track useful data points including multiple service types, technician, parts required, costs, labor, and total downtime.

So, whether you are dealing with proactive vehicle maintenance, driver and work order management, or accident prevention and management, sureEcosystem Fleet keeps you aware of day-to-day vehicle operations and empowers you to effectively manage your staff and their daily work orders with this user-friendly, web-based maintenance software.  The best way to see what sureEcosystem Fleet can do for your business is to simply start a free trial. All you do is go to, click the free trial tab, and you’re up and running! You can also take the time to do a demo with one of our specialists and learn more about how to use all these tools in your specific business operations. Everyday does not have to be a Monday!