Facing the Challenges of Tomorrow- “Hell,” you say, “I’m happy if I can get through today’s challenges and keep my customers happy.”  I hear that kind of comment every week from towing and VSF owners, and yet many are light years ahead of their competitors. “Why are they ahead?” you ask. Because they have learned the important rules of business: “Pay Attention to your Customer Needs and Follow the Money.” To achieve the simple goal of understanding your customers historical needs and your company’s financial situation, many have invested in effective management software. If you haven’t yet licensed towing management software (TMS), then you should consider it a priority.

The onslaught of technology is changing everyone’s future, and the towing, recovery, and vehicle storage industry is no exception. Our recovery vehicles have become more sophisticated, but technology is also making them easier and safer to use.  Yet it’s the unseen advancements in software that is really changing the way in which we operate, and without doubt, it is a major part of our future! What used to be a hard division of duties between the office and tow truck is now becoming a blur due to web-based TMS programs and the mobile app.

The benefits of CLOUD computing and the use of mobile apps or remote browser-based tablet access are not only beneficial to small companies but offer efficiency and cost reduction benefits to any business regardless of size. Connectivity to your CLOUD-based TMS program via the Internet, can be from ANY DEVICE, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE; this would include a desktop PC, a laptop, Android or iPad tablet, or a smart phone.

As the end user of any product or service, it is not necessary to understand the in-depth nuances of how it works, only that it does what you need.

Investing in management software should achieve three primary goals:

  • Simplify the operation of your business by creating standard operating procedures (SOP), which provide common sense, step-by-step actions.
  • SOP will provide statistical reporting, track your customers historical needs, follow the money, and track your cash flow, allowing you to make better, more informed business decisions.
  • Informed business decisions will ultimately reduce the number of people required to effectively operate your business without impairing customer satisfaction and thereby improving your profit margin.

The benefits of CLOUD-based TMS – If you are a small owner-operated company, it makes business sense to be able to manage your entire operation from the cab of your tow truck. VTS Systems offers both web-based CLOUD and PC/server based TMS programs. Why offer both? If your business location does not enjoy reliable high-speed Internet, then a PC/server TMS program may be better choice, as it does not require constant Internet access to provide full-time operability. Even in the largest US cities, there are areas zoned for industrial use that do not enjoy reliable high-speed Internet. Moreover, whatever Internet problems city towing companies face, their country cousins usually operate in a more challenging environment. Although hardwired or fiber-optic broadband services are the most efficient, cellular and wireless data often provide a viable fallback alternative. We suggest that you talk to a knowledgeable expert, not just a product salesperson to define your Internet options.

If you are considering new TMS software, invest time in defining your needs and researching various options. There are TMS software vendors who specialize in towing, whereas others provide full-service packaging which include:

  • Unlimited towing,
  • Variable driver commission/bonuses,
  • Accounting A/R, invoices, and statements,
  • State compliant Storage Lot Management and vehicle processing,
  • Integrated, multi-state DMV owner and lienholder access and retrieval,
  • Automated, on time notification/lien letter processing via electronic certified mail, return receipt requested,
  • Integrated Public Auctions/Sales Processing and Title Documentation.

Considered by many to be a leader in TMS, VTS Systems has served the towing and vehicle storage facility industry for more than twenty years, and nobody does storage lot management better than we do, PERIOD. We offer full-service, comprehensive basic TMS packaging with optional feature/expansion modules. Included in the monthly licensing fee, VTS Systems provides full product support and software upgrades along with end user training. Since no two companies’ needs are exactly alike, we suggest you only license what you need!

Should you have questions regarding the information in this article, please contact VTS Systems at 877.374.7225, Ext. 2 and ask to speak to Lisa Perez. Lisa Perez is a state-licensed tow-truck operator with more than twenty years of experience in operating and managing state licensed storage facilities.