FlowStop Products Tailored to Your Spill Response & Remediation Needs

Spill Response and Remediation” became a service offered by Piedmont Environmental Response Team, “PERT,” in the early 90’s in Charlotte, NC.  The company was founded by Perry Beaty. Beaty Towing & Recovery responded to accident scenes only to be advised to stand down until the HazMat portion of the accident was complete. The only problem was getting a HazMat responder to arrive and do the necessary job.  After countless hours of stand-by time was experienced and vehicle owners or insurance companies not wanting to pay for stand-by time incurred by my towing company, I decided to handle the spill myself.

HAZWOPER Certification was a requirement to be permitted on a spill site along with the proper and necessary equipment. My response time was stellar no matter what time of day, so I found favor with the authorities. Calls for spill response were received for mishaps not only related to traffic accidents with storm drains being impacted by fuel releases requiring flushing out the storm drain pipes. 

There was not a functioning storm drain-pipe plug offered on the market that was impervious to fuels and chemicals. My design and development of an inflatable pipe plug became known and marketed as “FLOWSTOP.” This new creation was patented in 2004 and introduced in 2009 at the International Fire Chiefs HazMat Conference. 2013 brought the FlowStop Football containment plug on board soon to be joined by the FlowStop Golfball. Other products were assembled under the FlowStop product brand name and offered not only to the fire service but to the towing and recovery industry as well.

FlowStop Footballs and Golfballs

FlowStop Footballs and Golfballs have become a popular choice to those responding to different types of leaks, most notable diesel fuel. The sponge material of both the football and golfball are hosts that contains the barrier resin that activates when water is added and sets up rock solid when deployed in a puncture, split, or tear in a vessel within 3 minutes or less depending on the ambient temperature.

FlowStop’s product line is premier for quick, faster, better tools when roadside response is needed. Fuel tanks that sustain damage and leaks are candidates for containment plugs along with catch pools that can contain leaking fuel and then be reused after removing contents and decon procedures are undertaken. FlowStop offers pneumatic-operated transfer pumps which have fluid transfer rates of 46 GPM to 150 GPM. The three different style of pumps can handle all hydrocarbons, acids, and chemicals with necessary hoses and vac stingers.

FlowStop’s 1’’ Vac Pump Caddy

FlowStop’s 1’’ Vac Pump Caddy is cart mounted for efficient maneuverability with a mounted air regulator for pressure and moisture protection. Aluminum 1’’ Vac stingers of 48’’ and 30’’ are cart mounted along with an aluminum puddle wand. A poly toolbox is fixed mounted as well containing a 90 degree, 1’’ ELL,

2) 2’’ pressure plugs, poly screen mesh with wire ties as pipe filters to prevent trash intake. Each Vac pump unit is equipped with a 3/8’’ X 50’ air hose and four 25’ X 1’’ vac hoses compatible with the pump.

FlowStop’s Air Drill Kits

FlowStop’s Air drill kits which include hole saw bits of 2’’ and 4‘’ are used to allow entry into damaged saddle tanks, drums, and IBC’s.   Pressure plugs of 2’’ and 4’’ are included to seal any drilled holes to prevent residual fuel leaks. Cutting and tapping oil, pneumatic tool oil, infrared temp gun along with a 3/8’’ X 50’ air hose make the air drill kit convenient and complete unit.

FlowStop’s Cargo Tank Stingers

FlowStop’s Cargo tank stingers come standard with 8’ of reach, (1,3 ft. X 2’’ and 1) 5 ft. X 2’’ Aluminum Vac Stingers) with male and female cam locks known as EZ Links eliminate lever lock arms to enable the vac stinger assembly to fit through a 4’’ hole for accessibility to fluid contents. Both pipe stingers are stored in schedule 40 PVC pipes to prevent damage between uses and easy transport. A 90-degree ELL with sight glass housed in protective case for transport and storage is included. These stingers are highly recommended for use with the FlowStop 2’’ pump.

More Key FlowStop Products

Spill Kits that include wooden dowels and wedges are part of the offering.  Different configurations are available depending upon use.  FlowStop Dome lid clamps for fuel tankers and FlowStop Block Locks for chemical tank dome lids convex or concave styles are available. These tools assist when dealing with small leaks from dome lids in tanker overturn situations.  FlowStop offers a portable Decon Mat for light and minimum decontamination procedures for PPE and tools.  The FlowStop product line is the creation of a veteran of the towing and recovery industry profession as well as spill response.

For more information, visit www.flowstop.net