Speed up Towing and Recovery Processes with Updated “Tow Buddy”

The fastest and easiest way to tow a bobtail and trailers, is now available for rollbacks too with version 2.0!

The original “Tow Buddy” debuted at the 2019 Florida Tow Show and was the talk of the show! Since then, the versatile Tow Buddy 2.0 was revealed!  Now tow not only bobtails and semi-trailers with your HD wrecker, but mount it on your rollback and tow other trailers such as camper trailers and goosenecks.  With the 2.0, you simply switch out the ‘heads’ to fit various trailers or use the ‘king pin’ head for a bobtail truck.

The original “Tow Buddy” is a HD wrecker 5th-wheel hitch with a kingpin.  It can easily be mounted on the wrecker’s wheel-lift crossbar in less than a minute.  Simply back the wrecker up with the Tow Buddy’s kingpin into the 5th wheel of a bobtail truck and the rear end of the truck can now be lifted. If necessary, attach axle chains to prevent axles from dropping and causing damage to air bags.  Also, depending on the situation, attach safety chains, towing lights, and a steering trap to the bobtail.  Most trucks can be ready to tow in 5-6 minutes.

Hard-to-tow trucks like car haulers and other low-to-the-ground trucks, large-axle trucks, and some of the new trucks with disc brakes are now easy to tow.  With the Tow Buddy 2.0, using the same mounting brackets, invert and mount the Tow-Buddy 2.0 tool bar on top of the wheel lift and switch out the head for the type of trailer you are pulling.  You can also mount a pintle hook to the Tow-Buddy 2.0.  For rollbacks, you simply use the tall mounting brackets to mount the Tow Buddy 2.0 on your wheel lift to tow 5th wheel trailers.

Although Tow Buddy 2.0 debuted it’s premier “Tow Buddy” product at the 2019 Florida Tow Show, owner Joey Castillow, a veteran of the tow industry, has invented several products over the years that, like Tow Buddy, help to speed up towing and recovery processes.   Since he developed the Tow Buddy in 2015, Joey has used the Tow Buddy in his Monroeville, Alabama business.

To order, get questions answered, watch for other helpful accessories, or see video of the Tow Buddy being  used, you can find Tow Buddy online at www.Tow-Buddy.com or call Joey at 251-714-0096.  Tow Buddy can also be seen on Facebook.

The Tow Buddy is simply the FASTEST and EASIEST way to tow a bobtail and trailers!

For more information, visit www.tow-buddy.com