Many towing and recovery operators count on towing software to manage their business, and software is a key tool that companies use to succeed in today’s competitive business world. If your company works with motor clubs, police, manages private properties, or does transport work, chances are that software will help you to run a more efficient company.

Towbook Management Software is built for the cloud, so that you and your team can work from just about anywhere.  With important features like digital dispatching, mobile apps for iPhone and Android, QuickBooks integration, and GPS tracking, Towbook supports companies of all shapes and sizes. It’s quick and easy to set up, and the software can be operational in only a few hours.

Here are a few highlights of the features available with Towbook Management Software:

Digital Dispatching: Towbook offers digital integration with most major motor clubs, and you can receive digital requests to your iPhone or Android device—no phone call required.

Sticker App: One of Towbook’s fastest-growing features is our Sticker app. With the Sticker app, you can create a virtual sticker in Towbook and “tag” those vehicles that you might be able to tow after a few hours or a few days. When the sticker expires, you receive a notification that the vehicle can be towed if it is still in the same location.

Mobile Apps: Mobile apps for iPhone and Android have become so powerful that managers and dispatchers can do most of their work right from their phones. With the Towbook app, you can receive dispatch requests, create calls, and dispatch calls to drivers from your iPhone or Android phone in seconds.

GPS Integration: With integrated GPS, Towbook makes it simple to view the location and status of all active jobs, drivers, and trucks. Towbook offers integration with leading GPS companies such as TomTom, allowing you to send calls directly to the GPS unit in your truck. Drivers can use their GPS unit to navigate easily to the service location while updating the status of the call on the GPS unit automatically updates the driver’s status in Towbook.

Replay: Replay helps you to analyze the routes that your team travels over a period and allows you to take a deeper look at events that occurred on certain calls. The Replay tool can also be used as a training aid for drivers, helping them to choose better routes and to avoid certain areas.

Automatic Mileage Calculation: Towbook can automatically calculate the estimated mileage of each call using Google Maps, saving you time and preventing driver mistakes.

Direct Billing: Towbook allows you to submit invoices directly to many motor clubs, which will save you a tremendous amount of time. Towbook also makes it easy for you to track and manage all calls with an open balance. Towbook’s feature delivers the latest customer experience capabilities to your fingertips, allowing you to provide an “Uber-like” experience to your customers.

With, you have the option to share service information with customers while the service is in progress, which helps customers to understand the details of their service without calling for an update. You even have the option to send the customer a satisfaction survey once the job is complete. makes it simple for a customer or family member located far from the serviced vehicle to monitor the service progress from wherever they may be.

QuickBooks Integration: If your company uses QuickBooks to manage its finances, you can sync your towing invoices directly with the QuickBooks desktop or QuickBooks online platform.

Letters and Forms: In Towbook, you can generate the necessary letters and forms for each impound with the click of a button.

Pre-Trip and Equipment Inspections: Your driver can complete a pre-trip equipment inspection using the Towbook mobile app. Each inspection can be customized for your business to include the inspection checklist your drivers should use each shift. These inspections are available in a report that can be printed or e-mailed.

Online Tow Requests: You can create a web request form for any account, your website, and your Facebook page with just a few clicks. This makes it easy for your local accounts and cash/private calls to send new tow requests.

Impound/Storage Management: You can track impounded/stored vehicles from start to finish with ease using Towbook; generate state letters, property release forms, release vehicles from the mobile or web application, track the history, and keep all pertinent information all in one place for future reference.

Sticker App: One of Towbook’s fastest-growing features is our Sticker app. With the Sticker app, you can create a virtual sticker in Towbook and “tag” those vehicles that you might be able to tow after a few hours or a few days. When the sticker expires, you receive a notification that the vehicle can be towed if it is still in the same location.

Damage Forms:  Using Towbook’s mobile apps, you can complete a vehicle damage report for any call, which protects you against damage claims. Add photos to the damage form, and ask the customer to sign off on the damage in the app. You can even e-mail the forms to your customer from the side of the road!

Accident Reports: To facilitate insurance claims, we’ve made it simple to create professional accident reports in Towbook. Accident Reports can include notes, photos, and detailed charges for each job. We help you to generate a great report in minutes so that you can collect as much information as possible for each job.

Plate to VIN: No VIN—no problem. Towbook’s plate-to-VIN feature saves time and eliminates mistakes. Simply enter the plate number and the state in which the vehicle is licensed, and Towbook will return the full VIN with the make, model, and year of the vehicle.

Request Customer Location: Today’s consumers expect you to find them quickly—even if they have no idea where they are. Towbook’s “ping” feature makes it easy to send a text to your customer, and if they approve the location tracking request, their phone will send the location of your vehicle to your dispatch screen.

Driver Commissions: Tired of answering questions about the commission that your driver earned on a call? Towbook shows drivers the estimated commission of each call on the mobile app.

About Towbook

Towbook is the unquestioned leader in cloud-based towing software. We provide tools made possible by the latest technology, and we help companies to raise their level of service while lowering their operating costs.

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Towbook offers a 30-day free trial with free setup and support, and there are no contracts. Plus, you don’t need a separate Towbook license for each employee—your subscription includes unlimited user accounts!

Towbook Management Software is headquartered in Michigan and has provided cloud-based towing software for over eleven years. Integrating the industry’s most advanced and flexible software, Towbook supports all types of towing and recovery operations. At Towbook, we take great pride in having the industry’s best customer support. Support is free and available 24/7/365—even on holidays.

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