Towing operations across the country are enjoying the stability, accountability, efficiency, and transparency the suite of products TOPS has delivered since its release to the market in the year 2000. Nineteen years and forty-four million tow requests later, operators nationwide continue managing successful operations using TOPS (sold by towXchange, a division of TXI Systems, Inc.). To date, six TOPS customers have taken over one million tow requests each in the software, and two have taken over two million. This is a testament to the stability and usability of the TOPS software, and the quality of the products that TXI Systems delivers.

Customer Spotlight: Merl’s Towing / Grand Rapids Towing of Grand Rapids, Michigan is the most recent of TOPS customers to achieve one million tow requests processed through the TOPS software.  Merl’s Towing / Grand Rapids Towing is consistently recognized as an industry leader in the region and provides towing services for public, commercial, motor club, private-property, and municipal customers.  Congratulations to Merl’s Towing / Grand Rapids Towing and thank you for your confidence and commitment to TXI and to the TOPS software systems.

TOPS, which is short for Towing OPerations Software, is designed to manage all aspects of a towing operation from the initial tow request to the vehicle’s final disposition.  The TOPS system provides a unified and sophisticated platform for call-taking, dispatching, inventory management, lien processing, and auction administration.  Used by some of the most successful towing operations nationwide, TOPS supports single and multi-location businesses as well as multi-company operations and provides individual company and roll-up accounting and management reports.

TOPS will enable your staff to work smarter with advanced tools that include powerful mobile applications for drivers and lot managers, all designed for the iPhone, iPad, Android mobile phones and tablets.  With TOPS Driver, drivers can acknowledge tow requests, update call status times, navigate to pickup and drop-off locations, upload and store call-related photos, and even create new calls in the field – all from their smart phone.  In addition, with the optional Square payments integration, drivers can accept credit-card payments in the field.  To complete the paperless process, drivers can email call receipts to customers directly from their web-enabled mobile device.  The TOPS Inventory application is designed to be used by impound lot personnel to enter and update vehicle information, take photos, and scan barcodes for simple and fast physical lot inventory management.

Within the TOPS application, users enjoy enhanced data accuracy and improved employee productivity through drop-down menus, short code or type-ahead field entry, pre-population of call information and integrated swipe devices (where applicable) for quick data entry.  Workflow is improved and employee accountability is enhanced with features such as automated pricing, tow ticket management, and driver and release clerk payment management systems. In addition, TOPS integrates with GPS, motor club, insurance, police and municipality systems to simplify call creation and increase your business profile.

The TOPS system protects your interests by offering screen and field level security that is built around role-based access rights.  These access rights and restrictions keep employees focused on their specific tasks, limiting their visibility into systems that are outside of their area of responsibility.  The TOPS role-based user access provides sophisticated security that is customizable to your company’s needs.

With TOPS, you gain a better understanding of the big picture of your business with detailed management, customer activity, and driver and truck productivity reports.  To close the loop on the financial aspects of your operations, TOPS imports directly to QuickBooks to take advantage of the accounting tools within that product.  If QuickBooks is too much to take on for your operation, TOPS provides a simple billing system that allows you to send invoices and statements and get standard accounting reports such as aging and sales.  Big or small, the TOPS suite of software products will make your operation work smarter and more efficiently, and with more management controls than ever before.

towXchange also offers supplementary products which complement the TOPS experience:

Motor Club Digital Dispatch Options

towXchange offers two digital dispatch platforms for Motor Club service requests.

TOPS Motor Club receives digital tow request from ADS, Agero, Allstate, GEICO, NSD, Quest, Road America, Roadside Protect, Tesla, USAC, and FleetNet. As tow and service requests are received and negotiated, calls are pushed directly into TOPS as an unassigned call offering an efficient transfer of information into TOPS for dispatch to the best driver/truck resource for the job.

Digital Dispatch by towXchange is a standalone application geared to those operators who simply need a way to receive a digital dispatch from a motor club without the need for a full-service towing management application.

TOPS Link – With TOPS Link, your customers can use the Internet to request service, check status of calls in progress, inquire about vehicles in inventory, and more. This tool offers a one-to-one relationship between the requesting company or municipality (your customer) and you, the tow operator. TOPS link users can request services, monitor dispatch status, and view inventory lists for stored vehicles, all from a secure internet portal.

TOPS offers a fully integrated fleet tracking application marketed under the name BudgetGPS.

BudgetGPS is a vehicle and fleet tracking solution geared for any industry but specifically tuned to support fleet management within the towing industry. BudgetGPS integrates with TOPS to offer a true visual dispatching tool where users can view current vehicle locations as well as unassigned pickup locations and drop-off information on the same map. Icons are color coded allowing for a visual picture of calls which are in-process and those which are about to clear. Knowing when and where drivers will clear from their current call enables dispatchers to send the best / closest resource to the next job. This saves time and money. Additionally, users can monitor ETA’s based on mapping calculations of drive time between the truck and pickup locations.

BudgetGPS delivers a full set of features for a single low price. Features include: Live Map with 20-second vehicle updates to the map with live Google traffic and map or satellite views, Historical breadcrumb view with 6 months of history; Alerts and Monitoring for PTO, GeoFence, Ignition, and Speeding. Reports include Driver Distance, State Mileage, Stops, Speeding and more.

BudgetGPS uses industry- leading hardware which is mounted discreetly inside the cab of the vehicle. We offer several models of hardware including OBD pluggable devices (for vehicles equipped with an OBD II port) as well as asset tracking devices.

BudgetGPS recently converted to a new refreshed website offering a new user interface experience which scales seamlessly to any internet-connected device from PC to tablet to phone.

BudgetGPS offers a month-to-month service with low upfront and monthly cost. BudgetGPS is developed and supported in-house by BudgetGPS!

For more information or to schedule a demonstration, please call 866-800-8677 Opt 2 or visit their websites – TOPS –  BudgetGPS –