Be Kind to Your Mind

Before writing an article, I sometimes think whether it would really help me rather than just something thoughtful to read.  Writing an article is “self-help” for me.  I must ask if COVID-19 has been getting to you.  It has me.  Have you been drinking, smoking, or eating more than usual?  I have!  Way too much ice cream at night.  Do you have difficulty sleeping at night?  I have!  Are you grouchier and more argumentative than usual?  I am!  Did a close friend or relative die because of the coronavirus disease?  Sadly, I can Yes to that question!  Do you watch television more now than you did before March 15th, 2020.  I have!  The reason I can say yes to all my questions is because there are no conventions going on at which I would be speaking.  Here is another big question.  

Do you have more financial problems since COVID-19 arrived?  I know I do.  If you’ve answered “YES” to any of the above questions, then this short article was written especially for you.  It is called “Be Kind to Your Mind”.  

During these last months, I started taking deep breaths to slow down my breathing.  I also started to learn ways to cut down stress.  Maybe what I am about to share will help you as well.  Some suggestions are taking more walks and while walking you should meditate.  I am a Christian, so I have been praying more while I walk the neighborhood and reading good, Christian books while inside.  Yes, I do pray for my fellow towers every day.  Even though I might not know struggles each of you might have, I also pray for everyone living in each home as I walk past them.  One of my dearest towing friends was recently diagnosed with cancer, and it’s not an easier cancer to manage either.  It is a bad kind of cancer.  I check on this friend once every two weeks, just to let him know that I am praying for him and to see what challenges I should address each time I pray for him.  

Here’s what some of you have said when you’ve called to check on me., “I was thinking of you, DJ.  How have you been?”  Other relaxing techniques or suggestions to destress could listening to favorite music or other activity that you’ve always enjoyed.    

Today, my son-in-law informed me that the project located in my backyard is costing me too much time and money to complete.  That is okay with me because what he does not realize is that project is helping me cope with this NEW NORMAL.  That belaboring project is strictly mental health for me.  As each new problem occurs, it gives me another chance to worry about something else besides not speaking.  Here is another thing that I have done.

I have found that picking up the telephone and talking to my loves one can help me too.  In some cases, I have not been aware of their needs as I should have been, particularly those that are isolated due to this pandemic.  Since I am one of 12 children and have siblings at different levels of financial security, we as a family have been helping one of my sisters whose going through a very tough spot in her life.  She lost to much weight, and her regular doctor sent her to two different specialists, and for now they believe it is all in her head.  

My sister has worried incessantly that anyone or anything could give her the virus.  So, we can say, this virus threat has affected her mind.  Maybe that is why I have titled this article, “Be Kind to Your Mind”.  The whole Harrington family has pitched in and are coming together to help my sister through this difficult time.   If you or someone that you care about have been feeling overwhelmed with emotions, such as sadness, depression, or anxiety or just want to harm yourself or others, please seek professional help.  It is the right thing to do.  

For me, I talk to friends who have their heads on straight.  Since I have more time on my hands now, I spend one extra hour per day reading a good Christian and a self-help book.  I thank God for all the many blessings that he has given me and my good friends in the towing industry. I also thank him for my friends at the Tow Professional magazine and especially Darian Weaver.

It’s important to remember that tough times usually do not last but tough people do. There is another encouraging quote that many people reference during difficult times.  “This too shall pass” is a famous line often quoted by many people during tough situations.  While many people use this phrase and attribute it to the Word of God, the reality is that this line is never spoken of in the Bible.  There is no exact verse that says, “This too shall pass” in any chapter of the Bible. However, God does promise to be with you during good and bad times of your life.

Thanks for reading my article this month.  See you next time. P.S. God answers prayers!  If you read this article and you want me to pray for something special for you, your business or a loved one in your life, text, email or call me with your request.  It certainly would be my pleasure to lift prayers on your behalf.