Dynamic’s Service Truck

A Solid Towing Industry Solution!

Dynamic Towing Equipment and Manufacturing has another solid towing solution to the industry!  Dynamic worked with motor clubs and towers across the country to design a service truck specifically tailored to satisfying the customer’s needs.  We spoke directly with those who already owned our trucks and even spoke to our potential customers who are considering them.  Listening to what they said, we then turned their feedback into features that empower them to work more efficiently and quickly resulting in higher revenues and lower costs of operation.  Specifically, we found that an effective service truck needs plenty of storage, additional recovery capabilities, and increased safety, so here is what we did to design a service truck that delivers what our customers need: 


The Service Truck is equipped with four rollup-door storage compartments for safe and easy curbside access totaling an amazing 80-cubic feet of usable space. The fenders are poly, so no more rust, and they are lighter, so you can carry more cargo weight without the risk of being overweight.  These huge compartments can be delivered with an optional adjustable rack system for vehicle batteries and can provide safe stowing of up to 36 batteries in large boxes able to hold enough batteries to cover most vehicles on the road. The boxes have adjustable shelves with tie-downs, so the batteries are always secured while in motion.  In addition, both sides of the Service Truck have wide toolboxes and another large storage compartment on the deck for a total of seven compartments. Accompanying deck space measuring 54” x 85” allows for plenty of space for dollies, go jacks, and additional storage options. 

Also, tool-box compartments are installed to accommodate all normal roadside assistance tools and equipment as well as an air compressor with front and rear quick disconnects to allow the tech complete flexibility to service vehicles in all positions. Even with the additional storage boxes, the center deck is still open for additional storage of equipment. 


 We decided to add a 5000-lb. wheel lift with a recovery boom and an 8000-lb. Ramsey winch. A front push bumper is also available with an optional winch. We did this because after speaking to our customers, we found that they were wanting one vehicle to do as much as possible, so now you can do everything from a battery boost to a battery replacement to a tow or all the way up to a recovery with one vehicle.  The service technician can test the disabled vehicle’s battery and electrical system to get the vehicle running under its own power. If necessary, the tech can install a new battery in the vehicle at the breakdown site. However, as in many cases, the battery is not the cause of the breakdown.  After eliminating all the things a Service truck can do to assist the stranded customer, all you must do now is hook up the car. 

Consequently, because of the increased capabilities of our Service truck, we don’t have to dispatch a tow vehicle to complete the service call and tow the customer to their repair facility; our Dynamic service truck can handle the job. The customer does not have to wait for another vehicle to arrive, and you as an owner do not have to send multiple vehicles to the same breakdown location.  We improve operational efficiency saving on fuel, vehicle wear and tear, and overhead while still providing the same high level of service our customers have come to expect.


Our units have roll-up doors that do not swing out into the path of traffic, but rather roll up into the truck. This eliminates the possibility of passing vehicles catching an open storage compartment door and creating a traffic incident with the service truck endangering the life of the tower or customer. 

Now even though utility and safety for our customers are premium values to us, we didn’t sacrifice aesthetics–we wanted our trucks to look good. As a result, the sleek body style makes this service truck a definite eye-catcher on the road and within the industry.  

Dynamic’s new service truck is truly a solid towing solution to the needs of the industry with its practical and spacious storage compartments and enhanced recovery capabilities, all while providing more protection for the lives of towers. It’s a Dynamic solution!


  • 4-year warranty
  • Designed to us a 60CA OR 84CA chassis with an additional 24-in. tunnel box
  • All poly-fender construction 
  • 4 large roll-up door compartments with shelving
  • 3 fold-down door compartments with plenty of additional storage 
  • Optional adjustable battery racking system 
  • Optional 5000-lb. wheel lifts with or without winch and recovery boom. 
  • Open deck space to store dollies, go jacks, cones, and fuel and water tanks

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