I’m Proud of Our Podcast

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It’s my pleasure to be a small part of the fastest-growing podcast produced by a Media Company that represents the Tow Professional Magazine and the fine folks of the towing and recovery industry. Back in 2021 Darian Weaver, the President and Publisher of Tow Professional, and I started a discussion about doing a podcast in which all members of your team could benefit, no matter the age of the listener.  We didn’t want anyone to worry about off-color language just in case your 9-year-old son was riding in the truck while the podcast was running.  For the first few months, Chuck Camp, the Producer of the podcast, Darian, and I funded the project ourselves.

By the time we had completed the Florida Tow Show, ToBy the time we had completed the Florida Tow Show, Towbook was our guest. Tom Bacon and Dan Smith did a wonderful job explaining that their company supported companies of all sizes.  Personally, I liked having no contract or set up fee requirements as well as the 24/7 FREE SUPPORT.  No matter where you get your podcasts, all our episodes are available on archive.  So, at your convenience, you can listen “live” or “later”.  On the episode with Tom and Dan, the tail-end of that episode introduced our dear friend, Tim Smith, from Azuga who shared a warning to drivers which explained the importance of having a camera inside the truck to prevent being wrongfully accused of a dig or dent that could have already been there.

One of my all-time, favorite episodes showcased Ron Pullen from R & P Recovery Consulting Service.  Ron is a knowledgeable guy as well as a man of faith.  All three of us:  Ron, Darian, and I have something in common, because we, “Stand for the Flag and Kneel for the Cross.” There are some other episodes that you need to hear.

Don’t miss our most educational episode on Hybrid Electric Vehicles training by Dalan Zartman from Energy Security Agency. Whether you drive a Jerr-Dan or not, I guarantee you will find Bob Nelson, the Vice President of Jerr-Dan from this     50-year-old company to be very informative and down-to-earth. One day, I hope to meet Bob in person.  I know you’ve heard of the next two podcast guests, Brian Riker, Your DOT Guy and Dan Messina.  If you’ve read their stuff or heard them at all, you know they were wonderful. So, you don’t want to miss their episodes.

Chris Anderson, the Vice President of Tow Mate, and James Lewis, of course, were guests as well.  It would be tragic if you missed hearing those episodes. And, then there’s Linda Unrue, the Tow Woman of the Year, was also a guest.  We also had an episode about “Celebrating Women of Towing”.  What a wonderful celebration it was too!  Wait until you hear those women answer question after question, from ladies such as: Michelle Sukow, Gay Rochester, Geri Roskopf, and Linda Unrue as they talk passionately about this great industry.  Another episode that you need to listen to is the most “family-friendly” tow show, the Midwest Regional Tow Show being held in Mason, Ohio.  All the details and opportunities are listed so you can plan to attend.  

It’s our pleasure to announce that we have a new podcast sponsor.  They’re from Recovery Billing UnLimited.  The head man, Bob Foakette and his granddaughter, Jade, were on one of the episodes.  Check out their episode.  Next month, I will announce our newest sponsor who came to us because they saw what we, as an industry are doing, and wanted to lift the spirits of all towing and recovery people, no matter their faith, creed, nationality, or political viewpoint.  

Bill Johnson from Hampshire Towing and  T& T Towing who is running for State Senate in the great state of Massachusetts graced us with an episode.  Beloved by many, it’s a consensus that soon all of us, including Bill’s 70 employees, will be calling him, Senator Johnson.  

I could go on and on talking about every episode that we’ve done since 2021 because there’s been a bunch of them.  I’m fortunate and proud every week to be a small part of this great industry with some of the kindest and most generous people that help others in their community.

As Darian closes every podcast, “Thanks to the readers and clients.”  I’m proud of the magazine that brings the latest in technology, products, and services to grow your business and make your family more profitable.  Remember to listen to our Tow Professional podcasts wherever you get your podcasts. Don’t forget that we are available on ALL platforms.  

See you on the next podcast.