Tips to Remember :

It’s only been a few months at the podcast center since we had our guest, Dalan Zartman from Energy Security Agency. While doing the podcast, my phone rang when it should have been on silent, but I answered it anyway. Since the sound was on ‘speaker mode’, Chuck Camp, the producer of The Tow Professional podcast heard the call.  When the caller asked, “Can you hear me?”, Chuck vigorously motioned for me to say “NO,” like I was being thrown out at first base.  So, I said, “NO”.  

Tenacious telemarketers try to get you to say, “YES” so they can record your voice agreeing to buy who knows what from them. 

Tip #1. Try NOT to say “YES” after they say, “Can you hear me?”  You’ll be glad you didn’t because it will prevent that $399 set of whatever from arriving at your doorstep.

Now, for Tip #2.  Since God gave us two ears and only one mouth, he wants us to do twice as much listening as talking.  I know that is sometimes hard to do when you’re excited about something but try it.  The person you’re having a conversation with will appreciate your allowing them to speak.

One of my favorite tips is Tip #3.  Write this on a piece of paper.  ID, the number 10 and then T. What does it spell?  If you said, IDIOT, you’re right.  I tell team members to say it over the intercom this way, “We have an ID Ten T on Line 2”.  Sounds funny, doesn’t it? However, when you deal with some person who just woke up on the wrong side of the bed, you’ll be glad you had a chance to warn the next person who picks up the phone.  With the gas prices rising and inflation still climbing, we will have more unhappy people on the other end of the phone line.  I, for one, am tired of hearing about student loans or warranty running out on my car.  Enough already! So, use the phrase, ID 10 T.

Tip #4.  Remember to book appointment 15 minutes before or after the hour. Doing so makes it easier for prospects to remember the time selected.  43% of Americans who have been in the country at least 2 or more years and graduated high school will remember a quarter hour before or after the hour appointment much easier than an appointment set on the hour.  That’s why your dentist books your appointment at 1:45 or 2:15. It also makes it sound to you that you won’t be there that long.

Tip #5.  When getting off the phone, don’t say, “Take Care” or “Bye-Bye”.  It’s always better to say something about where you work. Try using the company name at the end of your conversation. If you work at Weller Auto Parts, end your call with “Thanks for thinking Weller.”  If they’re buying recycled parts, we want them to “Think Weller”.

Tip #6.  Customers always buy you 1st.  Your company 2nd and your product and services 3rd.  And, they buy in that order.  So, if you want them to buy from you, what should you be doing and saying that would make them choose you?  Sell yourself first.  The very first picture a customer sees of your business is through their ear. Therefore, make sure the person who answers the phone is up-beat and has a kind voice.  “Attila the Hun” should not be answering your business phone.

Lastly, Tip, #7.  Before I end this article, Tony Robbins has a new book out that Ron Matthews from mentioned to me.  The book is titled, Life Force.  It covers the aspects of precision medicine and how it can transform the quality of your life and those you love. It covers topics, such as: energy, strength, focus and mood, healing and regeneration, stem cells, addiction, anxiety/PTSD, back pain, weight loss, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, dealing with Alzheimer’s, and much more.  It’s a book of answers to life’s most important health questions.

Life Force should be shared with your family and friends.  By the way, it was easy to find my copy at Walmart.  After implementing these tips, let me know how they helped you.   

Thanks for sharing The Tow Professional podcast with your friends.  Because of you and your support, we are the fastest-growing podcast in the industry and for that, I thank you.

See you next time.