Breakdown Platform For Carriers and Fleet Managers

Breakdowns occur every day across the country, and as freight transportation increases, so does the renewed demand for service providers to get freight moving again.  One of the ways that technology is making operations more efficient for fleets is by making roadside breakdown management transparent and predictable. Carriers who are utilizing technology eliminate the hassle of searching the internet for a provider, the back-and-forth phone calls of confirming information, requesting ETA’s, and critical updates,ultimately reducing handling time making for a more manageable experience.

ServiCase is Good for Business

ServiCase is a breakdown management system, powered by the sureEcosystem digital dispatch platform, and used by event providers like FleetNet America. ServiCase allows fleets and event providers the ability to locate service providers and dispatch jobs electronically via sureEcosystem, which recently crossed a milestone of over a half-million events handled on the platform.  The system allows trucking companies, drivers and fleet managers to locate towing and roadside mechanical service providers quickly and establish electronic interactions.  ServiCase can also be used as a case management system for carriers to track breakdowns and events through to completion. Other available electronic updates include event status updates, photo uploads, invoice uploads, and more.  ServiCase also provides carriers access to over 70,000 service providers with the ability to store private notes and ratings for each service provider they engage.

ServiCase: Improving Your Bottom Line

When your company is listed in the ServiCase network, you become a part of one of the most sophisticated systems available to roadside breakdown. As more and more carriers adopt ServiCase as their breakdown platform, your business is exposed to those fleets as well as public searches, all looking for the services you offer.  

ServiCase and Customizing Your Listing

ServiCase is different from other search services in that the provider has the ability to update their own information such as services offered, rates, insurance coverage, contact numbers, hours of operation, and more. Service providers are not charged for jobs they receive through ServiCase, and there is no bidding for higher positions in the results listings. Unlike “Uber” type towing platforms, ServiCase does not charge variable fees for large markets and does not dictate rates.There are no markups through ServiCase because payment is made directly to the service provider by the carrier or fleet.

Is ServiCase Just Another Directory?

Absolutely not. While there may be similarities in the process of searching for a roadside provider, that’s where the resemblance ends. ServiCase is unique in that it provides carriers and other fleets the ability to manage, maintain and keep private records about preferred providers and rates, along with the ability to electronically dispatch and manage events when the service provider is connected to the sureEcosystem platform. These unique features are in demand by fleets nationwide. ServiCase is also different in that the service provider is not charged for events or jobs they receive. Again, there is absolutely no upcharge for receiving the call, and under no circumstance are rates mandated. ServiCase does not mark anything up because payment is made directly to the service provider.

How ServiCase Works

When a breakdown occurs, fleet managers create a case in ServiCase by providing information about the vehicle, location, and the required type of service. When the service provider is digitally connected into sureEcosystem, jobs can be assigned directly to the provider’s dispatch software. The case information is sent to the provider’s software package, providing an alert and information about the new job. The service provider reviews the request and replies with an ETA and potentially other information. Once the ETA is accepted by the event provider, the service provider is dispatched and a live call is created in dispatching software.

Getting Listed on ServiCase

There are several options to get your company listed on ServiCase. The most popular offering is the VIP Package which provides the company with the most visibility and includes a fully customizable ad banner provided by the team at ServiCase. This premium listing provides critical information about your company to those who are searching and includes an expanded search radius as well as a fully updatable company profile including rates, hours of operation, insurance, and more.

Step 1: Service providers can search to see if they are already listed on ServiCase.

To do this, the provider simply visits and searches their location and a basic service they provide, i.e.: “Light Duty Towing”. If the company is displayed in the results, the provider can click a “Claim This Business” link to update their existing company record.

Step 2: What if the provider does not find themselves in search? 

The provider can simply visit and click the “Service Providers” link at the top of the page to choose their listing package and register their company. Once their company is registered, they will be able to update their company information including locations and services offered.

Updating Information

The information that is provided for a service provider’s company will be utilized by carriers and fleet managers as they work through their service provider selection process. Service providers are encouraged to fill out their information as completely and accurately as possible. They can update this information at any time by logging in to the ServiCase website with their username and password.

Companies whose profile do not include their locations, services offered, or a phone number will not be displayed in the search results.  Each service provider location can have its own service offerings and multiple qualifying locations can be displayed in the search results.  Mailing addresses are not considered in the search results, but service provider profiles include physical addresses which can be assigned services to be found by those searching for providers.

ServiCase Connects Carriers to Towing & Mechanical Dispatch Software

ServiCase is exceptional in that it can connect fleets looking for service directly to service providers through many of the commercially available towing and repair shop software platforms. The sureEcosystem platform is currently integrated with over twenty software packages including Beacon, InTow, Omadi, TOPS, and Towbook. 

Connecting Dispatch Software to ServiCase

To get started, users create a new Customer account in their Dispatch Software, naming it “ServiCase” and selecting C.O.D. for payment terms. Once the account is added, the service provider simply contacts to let the sureEcosystem support team know they are ready to get connected. A confirmation email is sent to the service provider, and the team at ServiCase reaches out within a couple of business days to finish connecting and testing the new digital account.

Staying Connected

The team at ServiCase has set up several social media accounts where they will be communicating updates and announcements. ServiCase can be found on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter.  Follow ServiCase today to stay up to date on the latest news regarding ServiCase and sureEcosystem.