Welcome to the Florida Tow Show

Orlando, Florida, USA, downtown city skyline from Eola Park.

If you are reading this article, hopefully by now you are planning on joining me at the 2024 Florida Tow Show on April 18th-20th at the Hilton Orlando Buena Vista Palace.  Since I have been there many times in the past, let me suggest a few things that you don’t want to miss, along with one or two things you need to do while there.

First, please buy a ticket for the 2024 Hino LG Extended Cab with a Miller Industries Flatbed. Tickets are only $10 each, 12 for $100 and 25 for $200.  Remember, this truck is generously provided by Miller Industries and Hino Trucks with all the proceeds of this raffle supporting the PWOF Education and Legislation programs.  Last year Mike Weber of Auto Undertaker Towing & Repair out of DuBois, PA was the winner.  I buy tickets every year, and you never know if this will be my time to win. There’s nothing better than knowing the cost goes to a great cause.

On Thursday, the 18th, you have the Survivor Fund Golf Classic.  That night Jerr-Dan puts on one great tow show Kick-off Party for the entire family.  It’s always a wonderful time for everyone.  Remember, this is the largest international show of the year in the towing industry.

You will be elbow to elbow with towing and recovery families from all over the world, including Australia, UK, S. Africa, New Zealand, Germany, and Italy just to name a few. Jerr Dan makes sure everyone has an unforgettable time.

On Friday, the 19th, the exhibits open from 9am to 6pm.  The exhibits are located indoors, outside, and there are so many of them to see.  Please visit as many as you can.  It’s because of those exhibitors that there is no fee to attend this great show.  Do yourself a favor and support the exhibitors because they support you.  Lots of them do classes for us.  Make sure you look up schedules of when they are doing a class.  That night is the street party which is sponsored by Miller.  This Street Party is held every year, and it’s the talk of the show.  Nobody can beat a party that’s put on by Bill Miller and Miller Industries. Nobody.

Saturday the 20th is jam-packed with events.  If you have a special lady with you, a wife or a girlfriend, someone you picked up from Disney World, the Woman of the Towing Industry has a luncheon called, “I Am Woman”.  It’s presented by PWOF, Woman’s Division and starts at 11:45am and lasts until 1pm or so. If you are a woman, this is where you need to be on Saturday. It’s the best luncheon you will ever attend.  There are lots of gifts, prizes, and takeaways.  Seating is limited at this luncheon, and I know I’ve told you to much already.  Tickets are only $20 each.  That is cheap for what goes on at this luncheon.  So, get your tickets as soon as you get to the show.  You’ll find them for sale at the Tow Store located in the main hallway outside Citson Hall.

For all the little towers, the Annual Kids Event is Saturday from 9am to 2pm in the Veranda Lower Hotel Lobby.  Free t-shirts available and a remote-control contest with food and drinks all sponsored by Allstate Roadside.  I know about this ‘Lil Towers’ Event.  I used to help with it for at least five years before my legs gave out.  I would have a hard time keeping up with them this year.

Here’s my last tip.  Take a good look at the people you traveled with to this premier event.  Don’t spend your entire weekend with the same people you rode with to this tow show, and don’t eat all your meals with them either.  Look for a spot next to a fellow tower that you don’t know and see how they run their place of business.  Talk about how and why they color code the broom handles on certain trucks.  Particularly ask how they handle employee problems or deal with electric vehicles, or some of their challenges at their place of business.

At night, have a drink with a different tower that you don’t know and hear about the software they’re using.  Ask lots of questions and you’ll discover some wonderful answers.

Oh yes, if you bought a ticket for the raffle like I suggested, at 5PM go to Miller Industries Booth for the drawing.  Good luck everyone.

I’ll see you on the Tow Professional, “On-the Go” podcast.