Whether looking to replace an older heavy-duty wrecker or adding new heavy-duty capabilities to a fleet, Jerr-Dan has a model that is just right for each application. Jerr-Dan’s Heavy Duty wreckers are available in 25, 35, 50, and 60-ton configurations, each one built with high-strength steel and designed for maximum power. Each model features a JFB Body made from a polypropylene copolymer material that is high-impact resistant and corrosion-free.

The JD25 Heavy Duty Integrated Wrecker features a 50,000 lb. 2-stage wrecker boom, high- impact resistant and corrosion-free body, and a 3-stage underlift – like all Jerr-Dan models, designed with strength and performance in mind. The JD35 Heavy Duty Integrated Wrecker features a 70,000 lb. 2-stage wrecker boom, high impact resistant and corrosion- free body, and optional 3-stage underlifts. The JD50 Heavy Duty Integrated Wrecker features a 100,000 lb. 2- or 3-stage wrecker boom, high-impact resistant and corrosion-free body, and optional 3- or 4-stage underlifts. The JD60 Heavy Duty Independent Wrecker features a 120,000 lb. 3-stage wrecker boom, high-impact resistant and corrosion-free body, and optional 3- or 4-stage underlifts. All these Heavy Duty wreckers are equipped with E/H (Electrohydraulic) controls, a very user friendly, smooth operating, fully proportional control with an updated hydraulic system, making easy work of large recoveries, and towing.

Another exclusive, the Jerr-Dan Touchlink™ CAN Bus control system, features in-cab electronic controls that come standard with an overhead switch panel and offer an optional underlift control panel. It also provides increased control of the light-bar, front, side, and rear strobes, and flood and work lights.

To improve operator efficiency, each of these models offer an optional fully proportional Jerr-Dan custom Scanreco belly pack remote.

A critical consideration for the company that is purchasing a heavy-duty wrecker for the first time is training. Operators are doubtless experts with their current fleet of small or medium trucks but operating a heavy-duty wrecker is simply not the same experience. Making sure that operators receive proper training and practice with the new wrecker is a key to long-term success.


Jerr-Dan engineers were guided by the principle that the strength and stability of the JD50/60 HDR1000 Rotators platform must be paramount. These elements are clearly visible in its industry-leading scissor-style outriggers combined with its unique 10 million RBM torsion frame design. By properly distributing the forces encountered during lifting operations, the truck and its components remain stable and solid from start to finish. This incredibly stable platform allows an operator to maximize the working area and capabilities of the boom and recovery winches with its best in class 41 feet of reach.

Of course, once the stable platform is built, the rest of the rotator follows the same innovative path. For example, the Jerr-Dan Rotator has a proven independent knee boom underlift that is offered in a variety of configurations to meet customer demands with or without a drag winch. Underlift options include the 53,000 lb. capacity Model 530 three-stage with 147 inches of reach. Other options are the 56,500 lb. capacity Model 565 with either the three-stage 181 inches of reach retracted or the four-stage with 179 inches of reach retracted.

The JD50/60 HDR1000 comes with two DP or Ramsey 50,000 lb. 2-speed boom winches. Jerr-Dan also offers 20,000 lb., 35,000 lb., or 50,000 lb. drag winch options as well as the 20,000 lb. boom-mounted auxiliary winch option. Available in Single Steer or Twin Steer and four or five axle configurations, each chassis is custom ordered to meet Jerr-Dan’s demanding specifications.

The JD50/60 HDR1000 360-degree operational load charts (provided with each rotator) document the full working range, including over the nose of the chassis, which provides a more comprehensive and reliable working area. The customer may also use Jerr-Dan’s Tow Link™ app, available on both the Apple and Google app stores. Tow Link allows operators to enter rigging specifications into its Rigging Utilization calculator and weights, lengths, and overhangs into its Tow Performance calculator so that operators may use their equipment more effectively. All calculations can be saved to aid in reviewing events or setting up new recoveries and picks.

Jerr-Dan’s exclusive Touchlink™ system (the same used in the heavy wreckers) features in-cab electronic controls that come standard and include an overhead switch panel, and an optional underlift control panel. Touchlink allows control of the light-bar, front, side, and rear strobes, and flood and work lights without leaving the cab. It is also pre-wired with three auxiliary circuits in the rear control box and one additional in the cab for those who wish to add custom lighting options.

Each rotator comes equipped with a fully proportional, Jerr-Dan custom, Scanreco remote. The remote is equipped with several features including E-stop emergency shut down, engine throttle up to a preset RPM, winch 2 speed on/off switches, and winch free spool engage. The remote can be operated in a standard rabbit mode or, if necessary, set to turtle, a slower mode. Lighted indicators tell the operator when a winch is in free spool mode and indicate when a winch is in high-speed mode. A switchable night light feature makes the remote more visible and usable in the dark and in low lighting.  It also has built-in safety features that warn the operator and, if necessary, timeout or shut off the system in certain situations, such as if the remote is dropped.

Jerr-Dan offers a wide variety of options to match customer requirements. These include options such as multiple storage solution packages, enabling the user to choose the storage solution that best fits their storage requirements.


To cut down on the financing hassle that often accompanies the purchase of heavier duty equipment, Jerr-Dan Financial Solutions (JDFS) offers quick, professional financing and competitive rates for leases and loans on new and used Jerr-Dan equipment for single-unit operators, large fleets, and everything in between.

Of course, training is critical when buying a rotator. Jerr-Dan offers factory training for rotator customers in a new state-of-the-art training facility. For more information about training, email training@jerrdan,com. For distributors, parts, and service, or more details about Jerr-Dan equipment, please visit